photo series 218-01

photo series 218-01

110 images starring Diva
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Here is another photo series for you, shot on 2005 : Diva bound & naked. For the little story, less than one year after her first shooting, Diva accepted to be bound and naked. Reminder : when this girl contacted me, she wanted to model without nudity. Most of women define their own limits, usually they don’t want to be “pussy exposed” and you can deal with it as a fetish photographer. But when someone wants to shoot latex and bondage with no topless, then that’s very complicated. I had enough experience to know the limits of Diva would change, it always works like this. Some models prefer to define an “official limit” knowing there is a “real limit” behind they would never cross. It’s a good way to protect yourself working with a photographer you don’t know yet. I’ve already met some girls with the topless limit in the early years of Captive Culture : they didn’t like their small breast and it was a problem for them to show this body part. In the case of Diva, she had no reason to blush about her lovely boobs and she wanted to become a professional model in the adult industry. Her limit wasn’t compatible with this goal but I accepted to deal with her wish : we started following those strict rules and she has been able to think about her limits shooting several days for Captive Culture in french lingerie. Of course, I helped her to evolve playing a nice chess game. First, I gave her all the time needed. Second, I trained her choosing the right clothes like the semi-transparent latex she was wearing for the classroom session with Dana. Third, I was working on the problem step by step. Slowly but surely, the topless limit has been broken … it took six months to solve this issue but I did it nicely. One day, shooting for Latex Culture, she revealed her nipples to the camera : I warned Diva about this fact and she answered me “that’s okay” … of course, how could she think differently ? One hour before, she was bound wearing a bodystocking which was almost transparent. After this, we were free to shoot showing her breast and that’s we did for several times. When your model decides to push her limits, give her enough time to think about it and watch the result. If she decides to continue because she enjoyed the situation or the pictures, you are on the right way. At this period, in 2005, the evolution of my photography was requesting one thing : bondage models and nothing else ! After several years working on my ropes, I needed a canvas to build the ropeworks I had in mind. That’s the period I stopped to think about storyline or casual clothes : in one word, “less” was better for bondage sessions. I started to focus my work on two things : the beauty of my model & her feeling about the restraint. Of course, I had to change my plans with some models but I was free to explore this way with few girls like Anaïs or Mina. I already explained how they changed Captive Culture between 2005 & 2007 … we reached another dimension shooting them like with Dana previously. I mean the daily routine at home was strict bondage and the topless limit of Diva wasn’t compatible with our weekly sessions. That’s why it was important to go through and shoot like we were used to do. Sorry for this very long explanation but I wanted to outline the evolution of Diva. After she broke her topless limit, we have been able to explore more situations including the mistress & submissive scenes. Between May and October, Diva continued her exploration of the adult industry and, finally, accepted to be bound and naked. I wouldn’t say the photo series is very good but that’s always nice to see a girl playing the game. We did several pictures which were nice but my framing were still a little too strange and I don’t like the use of accessories like this flower in her mouth. Anyway, my state of mind changed about vanilla stuff but the essential is outhere : the body of Miss Diva was lovely and it deserved to be bound like this. To be complete, I had to shoot Dana for her website using this configuration but she cancelled the shooting. So, I asked Diva to come on last minute and I shot adding some ropes to the artificial flowers suggested by Dana. She was a bit sad that I shot Diva before her … you know how girls are, jealousy happens sometimes ! Your favorite brunette did a nice make-up for her own face and it allowed me to take a lot of portrait pictures before to play with my ropes. Diva has always been a very nice girl but she was really cute that day : 19 years old, so young and so sweet ! She was like a nymph in front of my lens. We did some interesting images with Diva bound against the wall even if I am not satisfied about some angles and framing on this set. I think my photography could have been better … anyway, we worked 3 hours on this session and Diva was tired in the end : maybe because she always prefered fetish shooting to rope bondage ! So, because she accepted to be totally naked, I just tied her body with a rope harness including a nice crotch rope. Diva also got her elbows tight in the back but she has been lucky : I didn’t use clamps on her nipples ! Like a lot of women, she doesn’t like it and needs to discover pleasure and pain are close friends. As usual, I hope you will appreciate to watch those pictures … see you next time.

shot on 2005, October 01
published on Captive Culture


photo series 196-02

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