photo series 324-02

photo series 324-02

55 images starring Clochette
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After the suspension with a bamboo, Clochette and I went back in the living-room to play a little more … she really likes bondage and that’s always nice to bind a girl who is addicted to ropes. You know what ? I totally forgot this session : one day, I was searching a photo series which could be added to the member’s area and I found these pictures … checking my archives, I have been able to remember the conditions of shooting. Let’s share this session with you today. We started by a studio set, classic stuff for a girl like Clochette : bamboo suspension and lot of ropes. But, after this starter, we went upstairs to play “beyond the lights” mainly using the natural light from the window. I think Clochette enjoyed the little stress of such situation : without the curtain, she was able to see people walking in the stress while she was bound. You will notice we started on the sofa before I moved Clochette on the floor. I invited my friend Alain to join us : he took some pics when I was busy with my ropes or the riding crop. You know I love to play with this kind of toys so some hits on the boobs helped to get sparkles in the eyes of the bound woman. It was a nice way to finish the afternoon and I hope you will appreciate to discover the photo series browsing those pictures focused on japanese bondage and the charm of Miss Clochette. That’s just a shame I took several years to edit this series … the result is better than expected, it looks natural and playful. I wish you a nice week-end.

shot on 2009, April 25
published on Captive Culture


photo series 324-01


photo series 317-01

2 Replies to “photo series 324-02”

  1. Amazing! I love such authentic photo sets. Clochette looks so beauitiful in the ropes and she is happy (you can´t fake a real smile). That natural light from the large window is also a nice version of illumination. Thank you!


    1. happy you like it … beyond the lights session were more than a playful moment using ropes and capturing some memories than something else. We caught some nice shots and, at this period, I was also need to simply play with my ropes and do it differently than my regular sessions. Clochette was a nice woman totally crazy about rope bondage then it was a pleasure to bind such a girl.


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