photo series 308-01

photo series 308-01

70 images starring Mina
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Let’s start another day with tight ropes, bamboo and suspension … Mina loves the feeling of restraint : will she love to be gagged and suspended ? One guest joined us for the day : I asked him to take pictures when I was busy with my ropes. I decided to suspend Mina using a ball-gag to increase her challenge. You can notice Mina’s hair are not red : she did several photo series under water before to come at home and lost her usual color. I liked the natural brown color which was perfect for that shooting day (suspension, breath control and candles in the bathroom to finish) … I guess you will like the way I used the bamboo to block her arms before to start this suspension. Mina has been gagged for a long time and we captured a lot of pics while she was drooling. Before to remove the ball-gag, I brought my wireless vibrator and nicely teased Mina. Kinky suspension ? Yes, that’s how it should be all the time !

shot on 2008, August 23
published on Captive Culture


photo series 308-03


photo series 308-02


photo series 258-01

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