photo series 258-01

photo series 258-01

85 images starring Mina
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Back to 2006, another cool week-end with Mina, full of fun and bondage. We wanted to start with a suspension to begin this hot summer afternoon. It happens sometimes, you have a lot of ideas but not enough help to do it. That day, Alain and Anaïs were not available to give me an extra hand. . We started on the ground with a lot of ropes and, quickly, I brought the magic wand vibrator to tease our lovely lady. Arms in the back, semi-suspended to the beam, Mina had to kneel and the position was pretty uncomfortable. But, instead of following this way, we decided to keep the legs tied like that for another idea. Even if there was no assistant, Mina and I decided to try the inverted suspension that my lovely model had in mind. I released the hands of Mina before to build this position which has been short but intense. It was really interesting to manage the best way to put Mina in the air and bring her back on the floor safely. I only did few pictures about this inverted suspension but those shots are impressive. Mina was totally exposed and I guess you would have a lot of ideas in mind being in the room with us ! After this nice try, I tested another way to tie the arms : Mina became a puppet trapped in my ropes but we didn’t forget to play with the magic wand. That’s the first time I used a stick to hold the vibrator and if the result isn’t aesthetic, her feeling was great. Every kinky woman love to be suspended in the air but if you add some vibes, you bring her to another dimension ! In the end, I even added a red ball-gag you should like … finally, the photo series has been full of ideas we explored together. During this afternoon, I discovered shooting Mina alone was a nice way to build a stronger relationship with she. I could please her needs about strict restraint and her taste for nudity was allowing me to add another erotic side to my photography. Slowly, the link between us became stronger and we needed more than a year to reach a next step. In my mind, Mina joined the circle of those women able to be one source of inspiration … not only for the duo sessions or her natural beauty, no, the essential was outhere. I need to read the mind of a model and that’s difficult when you’re always in the hurry with several people around you. That day, Mina and I had enough time to exchange more than words. I started to feel her mood and love about bondage. I knew she was loving it. I knew she was a nice people. But I didn’t catch our thoughts were so close. Probably because Mina was living in South France and she wasn’t there every week-end like some others girls. When she moved to Paris, later, we got the chance to share and build a lot of memories but that’s another story. I am sure you will like to watch this bondage photo series which was a unique mix of restraint, pain and pleasure for Mina. Enjoy !


shot on 2006, July 07
published on Captive Culture


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