photo series 252-01

photo series 252-01

145 images starring Anaïs
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Have you ever dream to tie a lovely geisha ? that day, it was time for spanking and kinbaku ! Shot on year 2006, I remember Anaïs tested a new shooting configuration that we used several times later. I bought an asian table and some others accessories few days before. I’ve already published a similar photo series with Amélie (253-01) but we did something better with Anaïs, exploring more possibilities. I really enjoyed some of my ideas including this playfull position : Anaïs was forced to kneel on the floor with her face on the table. Alain took several pictures when I was busy with ropes or spanking the nice bum of my favorite porcelain doll … we also shot some short videos of this action : I broke one riding crop bought in a cheap adult shop and it gave us some memories for our behind the scenes. I remember Anaïs was pretty worried and tired about her student life but the session has been great anyway. On the second part, we used one of the muzzle gag harness made on request by Heiko for Captive Culture. I think that has been a first time for Anaïs. I am unsure about it because that’s 15 years old … how time flies ! As usual, I hope you will enjoy to watch those pictures afer your download will be completed.


shot on 2006, May 28
published on Captive Culture


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