photo series 253-01

photo series 253-01

105 images starring Amélie
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In the middle of a year full of bondage sessions & kinky games using the magic wand vibrator, Amélie went at home for being bound in front of the camera … let’s play with the french pin-up ! You know my work changed through the years : like for my life & experience, our games slowly evolved. That year, we started to play more : sensual love with two girls, a lot of shibari ties and some orgasm control. I explained how some models like Anaïs & Mina helped to add a touch of kinkyness into the world of Captive Culture. After several glamour bondage sessions, Amélie went for another shooting and she got a nice time in ropes. I had no assistant to help with the camera, that’s why Anaïs took some pictures while I was doing the ties or filming a short video. We started with a reverse prayer position : Amélie was flexible enough to keep the position for a while before to change for something else. I immobilized her elbows in a nice way before to bind her feet & toes. Amélie enjoyed the ropework & we continued to the next step : I wanted to try several positions and we took all the time necessary. In the end of the session, we searched a good idea to finish. Because we were now used to play with the vibrator, I told to Amélie she could try the magic wand and discover the unique feeling of being bound & teased. I tied her on the ground before to bring our toy : I blocked it with some ropes before to use my hand to give a better effect. You don’t see it on the preview picture but we used a spread bar to immobilize the ankles of Amélie. I remember that Anaïs enjoyed to watch & photography Amélie while she was fighting to hide her pleasure. We spoke about it several times with she : we didn’t understand the attitude of Amélie but I got the explanation later, almost two years later. Amélie thought I was joking when I mentioned the magic wand … she was free to speak but she didn’t and that’s something I regret. Anaïs was there, she wasn’t alone with me, the atmosphere was friendly, she just had to say “no” when we talked about the vibrator. She had all the time necessary while I was binding the toy to the spread bar … we thought she was breaking a limit like a lot of models did it before in such situation. After several sessions, that’s natural to see an evolution in the mind of a woman who enjoyed the ropes … but we were wrong. Amélie explained me something but I have my opinion about the situation. Anyway, as I said to her when we spoke about it, this shouldn’t happen and that’s why I am used to talk during the sessions : to get some answers & choose the right way. Hopefully, we did a lot of photo series & movies with Amélie after this session but I prefer when model if having fun in front of the camera. I guess you will like those pics … of course, I wish you a nice end of summer !

shot on 2006, June 03
published on Captive Culture


photo series 243-03

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