photo series 237-02

photo series 237-02

130 images starring Mina + Anaïs
available to download


Back in 2006 : your favorite french girls lived another kinky afternoon together. I got the idea to dress Mina with PVC clothes : a strict corset by Deadly Girlz, a pair of long gloves and some lovely high heel boots. She was lovely like this and Anaïs was charmed by her kinky friend. At this period, the two women started to shoot for the best duo sessions I did and each day of shooting was a new way to explore their fantasies. Captured on photo & video, the whole session has been focused on the pleasure of Anaïs … but this time, Mina had the control of this evil vibrator made by Hitachi. It was nice to see Mina slowly pushing her friend to the orgasm. Cuffed to the bed, she had no escape … and that’s we all love to watch, ins’t it ? After a several minutes of restraint and pleasure, Anaïs was released and got her revenge. Mina lived the same situation … and visibly enjoyed it ! I was so satisfied about the pictures we got than I decided to publish my favorite shots in a bigger resolution. That’s how the premium galleries feature started on Captive Culture … because the internet was changing, I wanted to propose a better quality and lot of my members appreciated it. They even requested more images and I listened them. But the first photo series was only including few pictures : so, years ago, I decided to remaster the set to share more about this nice day. I did a new photoshop editing which is far better than the initial one. I hope you will like it. Mina, Anaïs and I are still connected nowadays but I can’t tell you anything except they are happy in life. I would like to answer your questions but I can’t, even when you message me. I don’t want to break their privacy now they turned the page of modeling. I know what you think … internet never forget and you’re right. I got a smile when an unknown picture of Mina is posted on tumblr. And I am surprised when a friend of Anaïs reblogged one of my blog posts. The world is so small ! Those pictures are getting old but I still love it … do you ?


shot on 2006, February 05
published on Captive Culture


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