photo series 272-02

photo series 272-02

130 images starring Anaïs + Angelina
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It was a special day for Angelina : her 24th birthday. That’s probably the reason why Anaïs has been so watchful and playful with Angelina in this bedroom session ! We started that day with one photo series around this theme like we did it several times for some others models in the past. You can check the related links below if you want to watch Angelina nicely teased with some ropes, one ball-gag and a lot of clothepins. It was also my birthday and I got a nice gift watching the girls having fun while I was taking pictures. We also captured the situation on video : I took the camera while my assistant was busy with our second camcorder (the other one was on a tripod as usual) … and I have never been satisfied about my framing on those images. That’s sometimes difficult to think and shoot quickly enough when the girls play live. Anyway, Anaïs was nice wearing that red lingerie and Angelina was totally in distress after several minutes of vibrator. Anaïs decided to exhaust her using the magic wand to the max. Don’t you love this sweet torture ? I am sure you are crazy about it ! Personally, I appreciated how Anaïs always kept Angelina under her control, she was really dominant mixing the friendly attitude with her pervert side. After all those kinky sessions, Anaïs was now an expert in nipple play and I believe you will like to see Angelina being pinched and stretched without any hesitation. It was even better after all those clothepins used during the previous set … of course, I will share the videos of this kinky session on the blog. For now, I wish you a nice week-end watching these pictures. Click on the download icon to get your archive, unzip it and enjoy the photo series !


shot on 2007, February 17
published on Captive Culture


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