photo series 256-02

photo series 256-02

100 images starring Anaïs + Angelina
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2006, June 25 : I remember this shooting started with an idea requested by a fan : we used a clock to suggest a time duration. The story begins with Angelina bound and dressed in latex. Hogtied on the sofa, the submissive is teased by her Mistress before to be alone, waiting for a long period. Enclosed into a tight hood without any hole for the eyes, she’s unable to escape. We did some nice shots about the situation and, yes, we took all the time needed. That’s why the make-up of Angelina partially moved away after she has been released from latex … we didn’t fix it because the result was looking more interesting than a perfect face. We captured each step and Anais slowly undressed the blonde girl. She probably wanted to tease her nicely before to start the slave training : Anaïs has been dominated several times by Angelina before including the recent session where she was a schoolgirl licking the boots of her teacher. I think this photo series has been the first one with Angelina as the submissive : she was still discovering our universe and had a lot of things to learn. That day, Anais teached her the right way to lick some high heel shoes. After she left her latex catsuit, Angelina had to be fully naked and kneel in front of the Mistress. Of course, collar and leash were recommended for a better experience … no doubt the floor was a little bit uncomfortable ! Later, Anais took some black clothespins to let Angelina discover what nipple play means. Last but not least, Angelina ended the session over the knees of Anais. Spanking is a reward for every submissive. I know Anais enjoyed to play with she like this and that was the most important. I shot many good pics and the contrast between the two latex outfits was really interesting. At this period, I was crazy about purple latex and those stockings were perfect for the legs of Anais but Angelina was looking great wearing the black catsuit. My lighting could have been better but the photo series is cool. We inverted the usual timeline and it was good to start this female domination session with a bound girl teased by the dominant lady. Less story and more action : one principle I tried to follow after all the mistakes and bad choices which happened during the early years of Captive Culture. If you like this set, I invite you to check the related links below featuring two similar sessions. Angelina lived the same situation with Amélie several months later while Anaïs had to wait only few days before to explore the submissive side again. I hope you will like to watch those pictures … as usual, click on the download icon, unzip the archive on your device and have a nice time !

shot on 2006, June 25
published on Captive Culture


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