show your fan art

share your love for my work …
it’s time for another fan art contest

reply to this thread linking your artwork
it’s up to you !

this contest will be closed on April, 15th

I will send 5 signed prints by mail
fuji film instax share (2.4 in. x 2.4 in.)

feel free to be inspired by any of my pics
that’s the only guideline you have to follow

thanks to Pedro Konijn for this fan art
click here to visit his website


photo series 356-03

3 Replies to “show your fan art”

  1. Hi…I don’t have a website for my work but I’d love to enter the competition…Can I send my pic another way?

    1. yes, sure … you can use any application in the cloud like google drive or dropbox and send me the link through my contact form.

  2. only one artist participated to my contest …
    that’s the first time it happens.
    do you think the 30 days delay was too short ?

    thanks to Graeme Tavendale for his artwork
    I will send 5 signed prints to him on next week

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