photo series 249-02

photo series 249-02

55 images starring Anaïs + Angelina
available to download


2006, May 06 : our second shooting with Angelina. Since the beginning, I was sure that blonde woman would be perfect with another girl. Previously, we got a sample when Anais has been bound to show the beauty of bondage to Angelina. That day, I thought she could be nice playing a kinky teacher … good reason to use the classroom another time ! I wanted to let her explore the power exchange between a dominant lady and her submissive. Anais was happy to be the obedient schoolgirl again. She brought her leather skirt and I added some sexy lingerie with polka dots stockings … the use of a casual top was necessary to create a better look. Anais got the idea of those bunches which were adding something cool to the situation. As you can see on the preview picture, Angelina was wearing a black latex outfit. I wanted some classic clothes and the blouse with a long skirt were perfect. At this step of the session, Angelina already left the corset which was looking beautiful around her waist. We took some good pics and Angelina continued to discover our universe. Anais started by licking the high heel boots of her teacher before to move against the wall … there, Angelina explored her body with her fingers and even smacked her lovely bum. It was a nice way to introduce the next step : a special lesson using the map of France which has been found in a real classroom fifty years ago. I captured some nice shots of spanking before to end with few kisses between the two girls. As you can guess, this last part has been the favorite one for Angelina and Anais. After this afternoon with Angelina, I knew we would be able to move forward and shoot soon and that’s exactly what we did. As always, click on the icon to download this photo series for free … save the .zip file on your device and uncompress it to watch my pictures. I hope you will like those images which could have been better with more contrast in the black and middle tones. That’s probably why I didn’t bring this set back online sooner … have a nice week-end !

shot on 2006, May 06
published on Captive Culture


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