210-01 behind the scenes

210-01 behind the scenes - picture 001

more about the session …
Diva doing her make-up in my office


Let’s share more with “Behind the Scenes” about this session with Diva. We were in the summer and my photo studio was hot … that’s why we played with some water in the end, capturing several pictures of wet skin. I was slowly discovering that my photography was better with less light and this photo series helped me to confirm this feeling. Dressed with a bikini only, I tied Diva with my favorite jute ropes. We explored the idea that this bound girl could keep one part of the bra between her teeth before to be exposed. That day, I did one of my favorites portrait showing Diva proud to be bound in the jungle. That picture was exactly the style I was seeking for a while : depth of field and deep shadows. It happened because I took the time to test that shooting configuration several times in a row and this session alone with Diva has been better than usual. Of course, it wasn’t perfect and I had to work a lot before to obtain this result more regularly. As always, you can check the related link available below to know more about the session or watch the original photo series. I hope you’ll like those images !

210-01 behind the scenes - picture 002

We used a gun to do some pin-up pics

210-01 behind the scenes - picture 003

Don’t you like her face expression ?

210-01 behind the scenes - picture 004

Let’s play with a facial water spray


shot on 2005, August 02
published on Captive Culture


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