private dance

private dance video

24 minutes starring Mina
available to download


Let’s share another video today, slightly different from my others productions because I mainly captured one strip-tease on video. Again, it’s hard for me to find the date of this session because I didn’t use my camera and there is no EXIF informations that I could inspect to be sure this fact. I scratched my head for a while and searched into my archives and that’s possible we shot that video on 2008, June 22. I think that video has been recorded after one photo series we did for Latex Culture. Mina modeled wearing a beautiful latex corset using the same riding crop that she used in the end of this strip-tease. Anyway, that’s only a detail for you. Mina and I were together without any assistant and I probably decided to try something new which would be also easy to set-up. At this period, Philips started to sell one product called “living colors” which was one light unit with 4 leds able to create a colorful atmosphere. I brought it from my home and, as often at this period, I also thought it could be nice to use for shooting. I liked this product for the remote control which was allowing you to change the ambiant color in one click. But, because those lights were not powerful enough, I didn’t use my Nikon DSLR and that’s why we captured this scene on video using a camcorder. I knew the result would be technically average but we had to try … it was also a nice way to discover another side of Mina. Unfortunately, because of the available space limited by the light units, Mina didn’t have a lot of possibilities to move. As you will see, Mina wears one top and skirt made of latex. It’s the black version that I brought from House of Harlot (UK) to mix it with some others clothes. If you remember well, Diva modeled using the baby pink version several years before and I used that black skirt with Eskarina discovering the latex straitjacket. Back to the video now, no need to describe the action, you are going to watch it. I liked the colored atmosphere created by those lights but I must admit my framing and skills with a camcorder were not good enough to capture this scene properly. I hope you will like it even if the video isn’t perfect … as usual, click on the download icon to get your free archive, save the zip file on your device before to uncompress it and enjoy the show !

the strip-tease of Mina

One day, I asked a private dance to Mina …
another way to mix her beauty with a nice latex outfit

No studio lights for this video session,
only two living colors units to change the atmosphere
while Mina was slowly stripping in front of my camera


shot on 2008, June 22
published on Latex Culture


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