photo series 210-01

photo series 210-01

95 images starring Diva
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Diva was in the mood that day. She loved my background and wanted to be tied with ropes in my jungle. That shooting configuration was the beginning of big change in my photography work. Few weeks before, I discovered the interest to work with softlight boxes. Since a long time, I was a bit tired to work in front of white background. One evening, Alain found a website with a lot of military stuff and I asked him to order a camouflage net for me. When Diva came, I have already tested the configuration with LouLady, Mina and Lea … then I was able to work safely for a long session with this sexy brunette. I was alone for the shooting, so, the afternoon was long and we just did one set of pictures. I didn’t care about the time, Diva was pleasant to work with at this period. She has been bound a little bit more than for a regular shooting with two assistants. To my point of view, Diva was at her best with a nice body and a great face between two ages (teenager / woman). You will note she made a nice make-up herself. For the little story, I shot a pin-up session for LouLady and she gave me the green bikini after. I enjoyed it and I decided to use exactly the same configuration with 4 girls in 10 days and this simple bikini was perfect for Diva’s body … I love all the pictures I made with the wall of fake leafs on the left side . After this first tie, I decided to change and turned Diva into an efficient arms restraint. As usual, too much rope for crotch but in the contrary of some riggers, I don’t cut my ropes … then I made something nice and fun to do. As you will notice it, I played with Diva’s face taking pictures with and without smile. I spoke about the strings I love to pull : I already something in mind about her bra. I love the pic where the nipples are almost exposed, that’s really erotic. To conclude my photo series, I decided to test something with a spray of water : even if the studio was warm, be sure this spray was cold enough to be disturbing after several times ! In the end, Diva was nicely wet and rope marked like every woman should be. As always, I hope you’ll enjoy those old pictures … please report any broken link, I still use Mega to spread my archives for free but, sometimes, some problems happen.

shot on 2005, August 02
published on Captive Culture


210-01 behind the scenes


photo series 368-01


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