photo series 368-01

photo series 368-01

80 images starring Magena Yama
available to download


The first session with Magena Yama : lovely bondage model coming from Italy … let’s try nipple play. She contacted me in the beginning of 2011 : Magena planned a photography week in Paris and she wanted to shoot for Captive Culture. I had no doubt we would do nice pictures because she’s my kind of girls : glamour, stylish and thin. So, after several emails, we booked the day, finishing her trip by a stop at home. It’s always difficult when you never met the model before because you don’t know which clothes are okay or how she’s able to understand your wishes. I really appreciated to work with Magena : she’s skilled in modeling and bondage (she’s not only a model, she’s also used to do shibari performance in Italy) : as I wrote, it’s really easy to shoot Magena, she speaks a very good english and understand the needs of a photographer. She spent one day so we did two photo series : you are going to discover the first one, shot using the jungle background. I am rarely satisfied about my work but I must say the quality of my lighting on this set is very cool … after some glamour shots, we started with ropes and I did a classic ropework : the ties were strict as usual but Magena was comfortable enough to dig into the Captive Culture universe with some nipple play and even a ball-gag in the end. I hope you will like the whole series, no doubt you will appreciate the beauty of Magena … on my side, I really love some details like the great make-up she did to please our eyes.

shot on 2011, March 01
published on Captive Culture


photo series 368-02


photo series 369-02

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