photo series 314-01

photo series 314-01

65 images starring Graziella
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French girls in cage – part 2 : it was time for Graziella to be encaged. Maybe you know I did a triptych of 3 series with one different girl per set. Because she was new in my universe, Graziella has never been encaged before. I used the same configuration used to shoot Amélie with a lightbox over the cage. That kind of light is not perfect for skin details or balance between dark and light tones but that was great for the atmosphere. It was our third photo session together and this time, we were shooting without assistant. I made this choice to know more about Graziella. In my job, you quickly learn difference between words and acts. I know some models speaking a lot … “I can do that” or “I want to be shot like this” but when the thing becomes real, the truth appears. I don’t judge them, it’s a natural behavior … you can say something and finally discover you don’t want to live this experience. It happens only in action. So,I knew this “face to face” session would be interesting and help to increase the link needed when you want to shoot several times with the same model / photographer. It’s easy to work one or two times with a model or a photographer, things become more complicated when you shoot on a regular basis. You have to give more about yourself. Some situations help to know more about the person you work with : attitude, words or silence. Graziella already learnt a little about me during the previous sessions but as I always say, being bound and naked is not a natural and easy thing … especially when you are alone with the man standing outside the cage. Some girls would be uncomfortable with this situation and you can’t work in good conditions. One sure thing is Graziella has been strong enough to manage that situation and find how to play the captive girl trapped inside the cage. Browsing this photo series, you will notice she’s sleeping in the beginning before to awake and discover she’s encaged. I liked her expressive eyes and I knew she’s able to offer several nice face expressions. We played like she would get the order to take off her lingerie : when she was totally naked, Graziella has been bound with arms in the back. I didn’t want to make something complicated because I knew Mina would be nicely tied in the third part. Then, we thought the natural thing would be to finish the set with some pictures when she’s falling in a deep sleep. As I said, there is always something you don’t expect during a photo session and you can deal with it or not … it depends about you. So, if you watch carefully, you will see a tear running down from her right eyes in the end. Graziella and I enjoyed that funny detail captured on several pictures. Of course, the tear was a consequence of this light coming from the top but it helped to give a drama touch to the scene. Indeed, I love when my pictures can be interpreted in several ways and the tear is really good for this. I hope you will love the result about this nice session with Graziella.

shot on 2008, December 06
published on Captive Culture


photo series 313-01


photo series 315-01

4 Replies to “photo series 314-01”

  1. This is a stunning photoset. Graziella looks so sexy and beautiful when tied up in a padlocked cage. This is so breathtaking and tingling to watch knowing there is no escape. It must be exciting for her in the cage. In my opinion, these authentic sets only come about if your models really have 100% trust in your work.


    1. You’re right … I got the chance that all these girls trusted me enough to capture those situations. Being locked in the cage isn’t neutral … there was a playful atmosphere increased by the light system that I studied for these sessions with Graziella, Amélie, Mina and Suzy later. My only regret is that would have been really interesting to shoot it for several hours. I think it would have been boring but maybe my capture could have been stronger following this idea.


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