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Do you remember the photo series with Graziella locked inside my metal cage ? After that new experience in the cold basement, we went upstairs to shoot another set. Graziella discovered my bed & the latex straitjacket … it was her second day at home and she was still exploring my universe three weeks afer the first session. No need to talk about this young woman again : you can read my commentary on the others photo series to know Graziella. After being naked in the metal cage while the room was cold, she has been probably happy to be comfortable in the bedroom warmed by two spotlights … we started directly with Graziella wearing the latex straitjacket made by House of Harlot : this one is our second version using a thicker latex and some stronger straps to make it tighter & more efficient. I think Mina tested it first for a breahtplay session before Eskarina wearing it as a lovely bound secretary. You probably know the latex straitjacket catsuit that is an amazing outfit but I needed another straitjacket which was easier & quicker to put on my models or partners. I also wanted it in black to mix with some others items available in my collection … but, that day, it was only a way to do one fetish photo series with some latex restraint. I knew Graziella wouldn’t have a lot of options as model on the bed but I did several nice pics about the french girl staring at my lens. Maybe the red color wasn’t the best choice for my satin sheets … black would have been too dark with the straitjacket but gold could have been an option. Anyway, that’s a detail for you : I hope you will like these pictures ! As usual, you can click on the download icon, uncompress that zip file on your device and enjoy your viewing. My archives are also viewable clicking on the magnifying glass icon : you will be able to browse this session online … that’s all for today : I wish you a nice week-end & my best wishes for 2024 !


shot on 2008, December 06
published on Latex Culture


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