photo series 368-02

photo series 368-02

40 images starring Magena Yama
available to download


Glamour session with Magena Yama : let’s start with the single-glove before to use some ropes ! If you miss the first session shot in my jungle, Magena Yama visited Paris on March 2011 : she was a talented glamour and bondage model from Italy. We had one day to shoot before she leaves France and time flies quickly when you never met the girl before. So, we finished our first and unique shooting session with this photo series in the yellow light. When I don’t know the model and she’s working for the pictures only, I am used to propose the best shooting configurations available in my small house. That’s why I used my warm lighting again. Magena got the chance to be bound with the leather single-glove made by request by my friend Heiko. I always loved bondage pictures using an armbinder but it took me several years to get a nice one and we used it only few times. As I said previously, Magena Yama was a very skilled model for her age and I liked to shoot her. We would have been able to do more pictures if we got enough time but one afternoon is too short when you don’t know the girl yet and you want to talk before taking your camera. That day, we got a problem with one nerve for the first time in my rigger’s life. Even if this armbinder is made of soft leather, the feeling of restraint is strict and has been uncomfortable for Magena. She’s flexible and we shouldn’t have encounter this issue but we had one. Magena explained me this nerve was already sensitive since a long time and that’s something I didn’t notice during the first set. I often say that bondage isn’t a sure thing, there is always a risk but I don’t like it. We took a break to let Magena before to play with ropes again. That’s the reason why I built a light ropework on the second part of this series. As usual, I hope you will like to discover those pictures of this sexy model born to be bound !

shot on 2011, March 01
published on Captive Culture


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  1. Wow, everything about this set is amazing. She looks so sexy in the armbinder, and the ropework afterwards is great for accentuating her figure. Well done!

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