photo series 279-02

photo series 279-02

160 images starring Mina + Anaïs
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Back in 2007 with one photo series focused on latex fetish … I decided Mina would dress Anaïs in front of the cameras before to play with her enclosed friend. We recorded it on video while the pictures were shot on the fly. That’s always complicated to work like this because you have to be fast and efficient which is almost impossible. It was the only option to capture the action but it implies you don’t have the time to manage every detail as usual with studio photography. I must say the result was interesting for my audience but I always feel myself unsatisfied because my mind is locked on some mistakes or imperfections. Anyway, back to the shooting now : we did this photo series for Latex Culture after one bondage set with the two girls. It has been another long day of work for Mina and Anaïs who recently changed her haircut … the main idea was to propose a kinky challenge dressing Anaïs with several layers of latex under the spotlights. Step by step, we slowly captured the evolution of this game which was inspired by our taste for heavy rubber situations. At the beginning, Anaïs was only wearing a g-string but after few shots, Mina added one opened face hood and helped Anaïs to slipped into her favorite latex catsuit. She was then ready for the second hood … of course, we added latex stocking and gloves over the catsuit to complete the enclosure. Between each step, Anaïs and Mina exchanged some kisses : you probably already know the two girls had a nice feeling together and I got the chance to capture it several times. No need to say there was a warm atmosphere in the room with all those spotlights and latex layers ! Of course, being enclosed wouldn’t be enough without a tight corset … every girl loves to feel that pressure around her waist. Like a cherry on the cake, we added one third and last hood to the rubber cell of Anaïs. This one had no holes for her blue eyes : don’t you like sensory deprivation too ? I know the two girls would like to exchange more kisses like this before to move on a red leather furniture which has been used for several others sessions. Anaïs enjoyed to sit down and give a break to her legs … indeed, that’s always a bit painful when you have to wear high heel shoes ! I like to use this furniture because you can immobilize the girl using the metal structure. Before to use two pairs of handcuffs, Mina brought the magic wand vibrator and nicely teased Anaïs. If you watch carefully the pictures, you will notice I added one small thermometer to show you the temperature in my photo studio … the heat became intense for Anaïs enclosed into latex and slowly vibed by her friend. We got another idea to conclude that kinky situation … after one last kiss, Mina was supposed to leave the room and let Anaïs alone. We all read or watch this kind of story one day : that’s a powerful fantasy which has been explored many times. In reality, Anaïs had to wait only few minutes while we shot the end of our session on video and captured one last picture. If you want to know, the whole series required more than one hour and half to shoot and the final footage was 65 minutes long. As usual, you can check the EXIF informations available on my files if you want to know more about the timeline of this photo series. We took the time to put the thermometer near a spotlight to modify the high temperature displayed on the last shots : it was suggesting a long period of rubber restraint for Anaïs cuffed to this heavy furniture. I hope you will like to watch those pictures … of course, the related video will be added later !

shot on 2007, May 13
published on Latex Culture


latex layers


photo series 263-03

6 Replies to “photo series 279-02”

  1. This is such a sexy photoshot. Mina + Anaïs are all in black latex from head to toe and all shiny (nice contrast to the red heair of Mina!).
    In my opinion beside purple black is a beautifull color for latex. It gives a nice contrast of shining parts and shadows and emphasizes curves in a beautuful way.
    Thank you!


    1. you’re right about the color … I used some colored latex but pure black is perfect to mix different outfits together.


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