photo series 263-03

photo series 263-03

175 images starring Mina + Anaïs
available to download


As you know, I started this blog after the shutdown of my websites. Since several weeks, I share photo series shot for Captive Culture but it’s now time to release another part of work. Latex Culture has been launched in year 2003 as another place dedicated to latex fetish … it was like a laboratory for me and the content was pretty different from his brother. Beside the BDSM universe, I wanted to explore my taste for shiny clothes : we started with outdoor shootings and tried several things. I wouldn’t say LC was bad but my skills were not good enough to get the photography I was expecting. Today, if I am still proud about several sessions for Captive Culture (CC), I don’t have the same feeling for Latex Culture (LC) photo series. Of course, some are good but, technically, it should have been better. I did several mistakes but the main one has been to divide my production. Before, I had two different plannings with one model for each date. It wasn’t a good idea because the most interesting sessions required two girls … just because latex fetish is far better with some action. After a while, I understood a change was needed and we started to shoot CC & LC the same day. It helped to get a better result on both sites, just because we were able to split the day in several sequences. For example, that day, we started with Anaïs playing with Mina for two bondage photo sets before to dress the two girls in latex. Nothing complicated … just two girls having fun together. Next time, I will try to comment the photo series but, for now, I had to introduce and explain this change on my blog. Captive Culture and Latex Culture photo series are now available there. Enjoy !

shot on 2006, October 20
published on Latex Culture


blind love


photo series 263-01


photo series 263-02

3 Replies to “photo series 263-03”

  1. I don’t suppose you’d ever release the videos of some of yours too? (Of course, thank you for giving as much as you have already and all the best to you and your health)

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    1. I would like to share my videos too but it’s complicated. I need to find a website to host the preview first. Second those videos would need a new encoding for being viewable on most devices. If I don’t find how to host the preview,i will use an animated gif as teaser. That’s in my mind and will probably come to the blog one day.


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