photo series 263-02

photo series 263-02

75 images starring Mina + Anaïs
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Let’s share this photo series related to the others sets already posted on the blog … back in 2006 : Mina has been a lucky girl tied from the beginning to the end, she got a lot of fun : strappado, ball-gag, bamboo, vibrator … and Anaïs, of course ! I mentioned my satisfaction about this photo series publishing it on Captive Culture. We did a good work together testing my new wall color which turned from white to red. As you know, I use it like this for a 3 years before to paint it in black in 2009. I also decided to dress the girls with some asian clothes even if that’s always a little bit risky to use this kind of outfits when you don’t know the culture and mix different countries. I like how all these red colors variations were matching each others. Back to the session now : I wasn’t used to do strappado bondage with my models but Mina did it without any problem and it was only the beginning … as often, the two girls enjoyed to play together and it has been a long shooting day for Anaïs and Mina who has been already bound and gagged on the first set. If you check the related links after this blog entry, you will notice that we also shot a third set for Latex Culture after this one ! We did this photo series in 90 minutes which was a good timing with that long and new ropework. Indeed, I used two bamboo sticks to build a soft looking immobilization but it wasn’t so cool : Mina appreciated to be free after. She got to manage the pain due to her shoes and stay on these high heels for a while. Fortunately, we provided some fun with one ball-gag and the magic-mand vibrator : it helped Mina to forget her painful feet ! I hope you will like our pictures … as usual, simply click on the download icon, unzip the archive on your device and have a nice viewing.


shot on 2006, October 20
published on Captive Culture

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