Captive Culture Anniversary

22 years ago, I started my adventure and created the domain name Captive Culture … one week later, my website has been launched with two photo series only. Today, I should be writing a blog post to celebrate the 22nd anniversary of Captive Culture but my mind is empty and the mood isn’t good. I was thinking being able to propose something cool for this moment but things have been complicated this month. I didn’t have the special fan art expected and got no time to organize the FAQ mentioned on twitter … the last weeks have been focused on my heatlh issues and some administrative stuff that I have to manage. That’s sad but all this got a negative impact on my ability to celebrate this event. That’s life, we are all humans and if I took the time to weekly update the blog sharing some nice memories recently, I couldn’t do more. So, today, I am only going to write these lines and share one archive containing some pics & vids which have been posted long time ago and you could appreciate to watch again or maybe discover …


What’s inside this zip file ? Several folders including different things. First, you will get one video related to photo series 327-01 with Mina : that day, we visited some friends in their house and captured few sequences using a camcorder. It was one kind of VLOG that has been shared on my old blog to show one special shooting day and share my thoughts about it. Second, you will find some goodies like the Captive Culture trailer and several slideshows dedicated to some photo series. You will also get access to a retrospective made to show the evolution of my ropework through this decade which has been the best part of my life. Last, I included some of the wallpapers that I was used to do before to celebrate each anniversary of Captive Culture … of course, I stopped to do it after the shutdown of my website in 2016. If the adventure is still partially alive on this blog now, it’s totally different and a bit painful for me. Anyway, I hope you’ll like to browse this archive and see you next friday for another update !

photo series 327-01

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    1. merci camarade … tu l’as compris lorsque nous nous sommes vus, ce n’est pas facile tous les jours. Et notre entrevue m’a même fait réaliser à quel point je suis resté bloqué dans les conséquences de ma maladie et de la période difficile qui a suivi. il faudrait que je reconstruise un équilibre que j’ai totalement perdu. Merci encore pour ton soutien et ta venue !

  1. Congratulations on your Anniversary, I’m sorry to hear you have been having a tough time at the moment which has been subtracting from your enjoyment of this time (and impacting your plans for the event).

    I’ve created something for you to celebrate that I think you might like and be a sign of something good, could you send me an email so I can share it with a dropbox link?

  2. Very much enjoyed your 22nd anniversary presentations. A wonderful folio of talented models captured in loving detail. Fun to see your skill displayed so wonderfully.

  3. Hi,

    thank you for the 22nd anniversary gift.
    The video -2009-road-trip-session-327
    I was going to ask you about it, but i always rememberd the scene in the car. As i remember right, it was somewhere near Paris?

    Wish you the best and thank you for the great pictures and fantastic models.

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