photo series 263-01

photo series 263-01

220 images starring Anaïs + Mina
available to download


When you are tied, gagged and corsetted, it’s easy for your friend to feel like a Mistress playing with her fingers … here is another photo series focused on sensual domination and power exchange ! It has been a long day at home with lot of kinky situations because after this set, Mina has been bound again using two bamboos and got more vibrator before to play with Anais fully dressed in latex. That’s exactly this kind of shooting which helped me to enjoy my work even when the business was going down. Everything was cool, fun and easy. Indeed, no need to explain or imagine something complicated, the girls had the knowledge and experience to make the scene real and playful. We started by taking pictures before to capture some video after Mina has been gagged. Anaïs enjoyed to play with her favorite victim … you should like to watch those eyes and faces while Mina is slowly teased by Anaïs. 62 minutes from the beginning to the end, more than one hour with her arms strictly tied in the back, Mina has been challenged like a true submissive. Some pain with the clothespins and lot of fun with the magic wand vibrator and this red ball-gag. That day, Mina had to drool a lot ! I remember we laughed when she has been released from the PVC corset. I will try to share those short videos soon but, for now, I do my best to bring the main series and movies on the blog before to add some others features.

shot on 2006, October 20
published on Captive Culture


263-01 bonus files


photo series 263-02


photo series 263-03


photo series 237-02

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