photo series 271-02

photo series 271-02

250 images starring Anaïs + Mina
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Every submissive needs to be trained. That day was dedicated to licking. Let’s see how Mina loves Anaïs : she had to kiss and lick her PVC boots before to experience some facesitting under those hot pants. Of course, she also got the pleasure to honor the barefoot of her kinky friend ! As explained on my previous blog in 2007, this photo series was a tribute to one session we did 4 years before with Dana and Ambre. Anaïs used the same PVC outfit but Mina has been dressed differently, more like a schoolgirl. We also added an elegant lace gown for the Mistress. If you follow me since the early years of Captive Culture, you probably still have in mind that series with Ambre licking Dana very nicely ! I don’t have lot of things to write about this session. Before we started shooting, the girls watched the old set on a computer and I asked them to do something similar. Don’t be surprised if you see some ropemarks on the skin of Mina, it was our second set of the afternoon. Mixing video and image, we mainly shot live but we also took our time for some specific moment. I invited an amateur photographer recommended by a friend to assist me, it was maybe his firt time at home. My friend Alain was less available since a while and I tried several options to replace him without finding another efficient team mate. One day, I should write an entire blog post about all the people who gave me an extra-hand for shooting. Leave a reply after this post to let me know if you are interested about it or not … thank you ! I will probably repost the video related to this session on my blog within the next weeks. Like this photo set, my movie isn’t perfect and if I am right, I wasn’t satisfied by the sound captured on this one. Anyway, you know that my video productions were not so good than the photography. Back to the session now, I had to give a lot of advices to Anaïs which had some problems to be a strict mistress : Mina was also one friend and each of their sessions was full of tenderness into the kinkiness. That’s probably the big difference with the original session where Dana showed her real nature, a dominant lady and evil woman who knew to show some hysteria when it was necessary. If you want to watch more about the photo series with Mina and Anaïs, I invite you to check the related links available after this blog entry. In the end, we used one leather but there are only few pictures of this leather armbinder. Most of the time, Mina was on the floor while Anaïs was enjoying the facesitting and that control she had on the breath of her submissive who had to lick her crotch. I remember the session has been long to shoot because we were switching between photo and video sometimes. Anaïs had also to deal with my instructions and advices plus the discovery of that new game. We didn’t shot a lot of facesitting action and I think the mind of Anaïs was overmelting … both girls must be tired when we turned off the spotlights. I have in mind that long period kneeling on the floor became painful for Anaïs. What irony … that dominant lady had to suffer while her submissive was relaxing, the head nicely trapped between her thighs ! That’s all for today : I will try to search more details for my commentary when these video files will be added to the blog. I hope you will like to watch my pictures … as usual, click on the download icon, unzip the archive on your device and have a nice time !


shot on 2007, February 10
published on Captive Culture


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6 Replies to “photo series 271-02”

    1. it was impossible to do a bad session with Mina and Anaîs … there is always some details to catch in their eyes or simply the attitude of each woman. Is there one moment that you prefer in this photo series ?

  1. I do love this set.
    Mina in combination with an armbinder is a safe bet for being fantastic.
    Only downside is, that then there is none of your rope artwork. 🙂

    1. I had to check my archives but, yes, it should be her first time in an armbinder … and I think this one has been the first prototype which required several versions. I know we took some measurements with Mina for a single-glove, maybe we did it after this session but I am unsure. Sometimes, I have to dig into my email archives and analyze several documents to get the answer to my question. And, sometimes, it’s blurry because that’s too old and too far into my memory. One year later, in 2008, we shot Mina bound with the final armbinder, she was modeling alone, dressed with a grey blouse, leather skirt and nylon pantyhose + her black wig for photo series 282-04.

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