licking lesson

licking lesson video

42 minutes starring Anaïs + Mina
available to download


Here is one video related to the photo series 271-02 : I explained several things about this session in the related commentary but let’s talk about it again. Initially, I wanted to do a reboot of a scene captured several years before with two others girls. That day, Anaïs was the dominant woman training a lovely submissive. Mina had to honor her Mistress like an obedient slave … watching the video, you will see that she did it well, following the instructions of her kinky friend. Mina started by licking the high heel boots of Anaïs before to release her feet. I guess you will enjoy to watch the foot fetish scene … we took the time to shoot it from several angles. I must say the most erotic moment is when the foot of Anaïs is going into the mouth of Mina : that’s something really sensual, even more between two women. As you know, Mina & Anaïs loved to play together and there was always something new in each session, like a never-ending evolution of their relationship. Moving her foot on the crotch of Mina was a nice idea brought by Anaïs who was less relax than usual. Probably because we got a lot of technical issues during the afternoon : we were three men watching them and it wasn’t easy to capture the video while we were taking pictures. After several years of experience, I understood that’s better to shoot live instead of modeling even if the result isn’t perfect. That’s why I wanted to shoot image & video on the same time, it helps to catch some natural details and that’s why you can hear the click of my camera on the video. After the foot fetish, we explored the face-sitting situation … like Dana playing with Ambre previously, Anaïs enjoyed to feel the tongue of Mina. That’s always nice to watch and I hope you’ll like it ! Strangely, if the two girls did several duo sessions together, they were not used to do things like this in front of my camera. I like face-sitting but the action is more erotic than some others games : only few models accepted to try it in front of my camera, probably because they were not totally comfortable about the situation. When I shot face-sitting in the past using my taste for fetish outfits and power exchange, there was nothing explicite and that’s how I like to show it. That day, even if the setup was similar to the session with Dana & Ambre, I knew everything was different for Anaïs & Mina because they lived a lot of erotic moments together … as often, I offered them the opportunity to go further and it’s always something complicated. Since the beginning, Anaïs had the desire to play with another girl and I still have in mind her first kiss with Mina in front of my camera. Step after step, my favorite student explored this intimate fantasy through our sessions. Everytime, Anaïs was thinking too much : her strong mind never stopped to analyze anything. Woman is a mystery for every man and, of course, I don’t know exactly the feeling of Anaïs while she was exploring her own fantasies in front of my lens and under my control. I know that she was anxious like a lot of girls flirting with the limits defined by themselves. That day, like some others, I tried to let Anaïs and Mina live the situation and make it evolve as they wished. I wasn’t there to request anything special : the girls were free to follow their own mood … of course, something more explicite would have been more than nice but I don’t think it could had happen that day, in such conditions. You know there was a mutual attraction between Anaïs and Mina : they discovered each others and shared a lot of things but I think they needed more intimacy to live what they had in mind. Mina wasn’t afraid by the camera but my lens has always been one problem for Anaïs. My opinion is she couldn’t unleash herself for several reasons : Anaïs didn’t want to show more, probably because she already exposed a lot about herself at this period (she later told me the need to reclaim her body after she stopped modeling) … you have to remember that my models were not connected to the industry and each of them was one woman having the desire to do some pictures for personal reasons. Myself, I didn’t want to shoot any porn content and never thought that my own universe would change through the years. In one word, we were all exploring some situations which were not familiar … it brings something more to my productions because there is something natural in our sessions and, this one with Mina & Anaïs, was interesting even if the making has been complicated. At this period, I was still working with an assistant, and another one went to learn what to do within the future. It was looking like a production team and this is exactly what the girls don’t need … later, when I started to work alone with my models, I understood that shooting face to face was a better option. It helps to create one atmosphere increasing the exchange and intimacy with the woman in front of the lens. She’s more connected to the situation and her emotion when the session is closer to reality. Thus, a more intimate atmosphere would be more conducive to freeing the mind of the model … we were far away from this shooting configuration when Mina was licking Anaïs but my camcorder caught some nice moments and lovely attitudes during this session. As usual, you can get those video files into a zip archive and watch it on your device when the download will be finished. I hope you will like it … have a nice day !

boots, foot, toes and butt

Every lovely girl needs training sometimes …
Let’s see how Mina licks PVC boots & hot pants.

She cleaned these high heels before to suck Anaïs toes.
Then, Mina was able to feel the foot entering her mouth.
Ultimate reward : some face-sitting and crotch licking !


shot on 2007, February 10
published on Captive Culture


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