girls fantasies

licking lesson video

52 minutes starring Anaïs + Mina
available to download


Here is one video related to the photo series 271-02 : I explained several things about this session in my previous commentary but let’s talk about it again. I guess you already know the pictures : in the beginning, Anaïs was wearing a long dress and Mina had to honor her feet, taking-off the nylon stockings before to lick her toes. After a while, Anaïs joined Mina on the floor and the balance of power slightly changed. That’s interesting to know the background when you watch a video … of course, you know Mina & Anaïs did a lot of sessions together. I explained several times the state of mind and evolution of these women. In this movie, you can feel the difference of experience between the two girls : in such situation, Mina slowly takes the control over Anaïs. She started the session like a dominant goddess dressed with leather but, after being kissed and teased by Mina for several minutes, Anaïs has totally forgotten her initial role. In the end, the two girls are totally naked on the floor, clearly beyond the initial roleplay. Anaïs wasn’t very comfortable in front of the camera, even more when the intimate part of this situation was blowing her mind. Preparing this update, I noticed some details in the body language of Mina & Anaïs which are very interesting to watch and you should appreciate how Mina tried to carry Anaïs out of her comfort zone, probably because each girl was feeling the desire to do more than usual. I think you will like to watch them while my lens was there to capture the situation : no need to describe the content of these 17 video clips focused on foot fetish & sensual love … I hope you will like this blog update and, as usual, you can click on the download icon, uncompress that zip file on your device and enjoy your viewing. If you prefer another way, my archives are viewable clicking on the magnifying glass icon : you will be able to browse this session online … have a nice week-end !

love me, love my feet

The two girls love to be together but, this time,
Mina will have to honor Anaïs before to be kissed.

Anaïs wears some french lingerie & nylon stockings,
while her collared slave only has one leather corset.
Let’s kiss & lick these cold feet to get some love …


shot on 2006, April 22
published on Captive Culture


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