photo series 224-02

photo series 224-02

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That’s a long time I wanted to repost this photo series shot on 2005, November 12 … after a first set focused on glamour bondage, Diva left her baby pink lingerie for a black latex catsuit : you can check the related link below this blog entry to know more about that day. We wanted to dress the french pin-up with a tight & shiny outfit : if I am right, Miss Diva was waiting for this moment since a while. Several weeks before, she went to London with me and we visited our favorite designers to order more latex for my collection. So, Diva digged into the catsuit before to add one corset around her waist. At this period, the Deadly Girlz corsets were very popular and loved by a lot of models : their strong structure was offering a strict shape & unique feeling for a nice price. No surprise about this session : we started shooting some pin-up photography and slowly moved in the fetish universe adding one hood & some gloves to this outfit. Anaïs was there to help Diva as model assistant while Alain & I were managing the photo stuff … it was the beginning of our dream team after the replacement of Dana who became my model only. I don’t have a lot of things to explain about this photo series : as you will see watching the pictures, Diva loved this outfit and sent a lot of sparkling eyes to my lens. She was totally crazy about the corset too … I think it has been her first time wearing one hood : the temperature was a bit high with all these spotlights in my studio. We all like the face of Miss Diva but she looks sweeter than ever after being released from that latex layer covering her skin for twenty minutes. Then, she started to unlace the corset and enjoyed to feel her waist free from any restraint. No doubt that you will love these pictures captured in the end when Diva nicely opened the latex catsuit to reveal her pale and warm skin … one of these images remained for a long time on the Latex Culture entrance page : do you remember it ? We got a nice afternoon shooting together and I’m happy to bring back these memories online nineteen years after the initial capture. I hope you will like these pictures and, as usual, you can click on the download icon, uncompress that zip file on your device and enjoy your viewing. My archives are also viewable clicking on the magnifying glass icon to browse this session online … that’s all for today : have a nice week-end !


shot on 2005, November 12
published on Latex Culture


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2 Replies to “photo series 224-02”

  1. I love the simple glamour of this set. No need for loads of nudity or anything gratuitous, just a super-sexy model in a catsuit and corset, clearly enjoying herself. Thanks for sharing!

    1. thank you for this feedback … indeed, you’re right about nudity, I like how Diva reveals her breast in the end of this photo series. We also did it because she had this limit in the beginning of our collaboration and she felt comfortable enough to show her whole body after several sessions together.

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