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2005, November 12 : after several sessions pushing her limits, I decided to organize one cool shooting for Diva. Her birthday was approaching then we bought a cake with a lot of chocolate. The idea was she had to be bound before to eat her gift but Diva got all the time to watch her reward ! It was an “old school” photo series with some light bondage and nylon ropes, the kind of thing that you do to please your model … she was wearing a nice lingerie set and her own shoes. We tried to play with the soft tones around this baby pink color that she was loving so much. My friend Alain was there to help and he took a lot of backstage pictures with his Canon camera while I was shooting using my Nikon. Anaïs was the model’s assistant and I like the way she arranged the hair of Diva : these bunches make me think to one american teenager from an old TV show. For the little story, Diva bought these shoes on the internet and the size wasn’t perfect, I accepted to buy it for my collection just to make her happy. I knew it would be difficult to use those white & pink shoes but, we did it, two years later for one session with Anaïs. We did some nice pics even if my ropework could have been beeter … the atmosphere was very cool and we got a nice time eating the cake in the end ! After this glamour bondage photo series, Diva got the pleasure to wear a latex catsuit with one tight corset : another set that I didn’t repost yet but, don’t worry, I will share it within the future. For now, I wish you a nice week-end … as usual, click on the download icon, unzip that archive file on your device and enjoy these pictures.

shot on 2005, November 12
published on Captive Culture


photo series 196-02


photo series 177-01

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    1. thank you … still dealing with the same problem, diabeteses doesn’t help to recover properly but we all have to fight against something nowadays. I hope you’re going well, take care of you mate !


      1. Sorry to hear about the diabetes interfering with your wellness.

        Sadly, my mate is in the middle of divorcing me—but I appreciate the sentiment.


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