do you love this rope ?

do you love this rope video

29 minutes starring Mina
available to download


Let’s share the video related to one photo series that I have already reposted on this blog … do you remember when Mina was bound, naked and tickled in my bedroom ? Yes, our session using some red satin sheets ! If you want to know more about it, I invite you to read my commentary checking the link available after this blog entry. As you can see, that’s one of those rare days shooting Mina without her usual style : for me, she accepted to dye her hair in black. That saturday has been long and focused on latex fetish … I decided to conclude binding Mina on my bed. After six hours under the spotlights, Mina enjoyed to feel some fresh air on her naked body. We were a little bit tired but she appreciated to be tied and relax on the satin sheets. I decided to begin my ropework without shooting to save some time : there was no specific idea in my mind, as often, I improvised every step after the initial ties immobilizing the arms of Mina and taking her small breast. It was important to start with an efficient but comfortable basis before to explore some others ways to tease Mina. That’s why the video begins with Mina already bound on the bed and waiting for the next step. You will get 10 files in this archive, mainly because one long footage was problematic in 2005 … I had to split it in different parts to make the movie easier to download. That’s also the reason I was filming sequence by sequence at this period, when it was possible. I wanted to show the evolution of our session without being too disturbing for some viewers who didn’t appreciate to hear the noise of a camera or see my body, face or hands. For this video, we captured every scene on video before to take our pictures with my Nikon D70 … until that the action required to live shot. When a situation begins to be more intense for the girl or because you want to catch something real, there is no better option : I prefer to hear my camera on the video than missing one nice facial expression or model’s attitude. That day, in the evening, after so many hours in front of the camera, Mina was sharing more than her beauty, she was revealing her kinky side for our fifth session together … it was also her first bondage video ever made : I wanted to capture everything about this unique experience ! Writing my commentary for the blog is always an interesting way to remember some memories … sometimes, I need to verify one fact or date. Reading the contract signed by Mina. I totally forgot this information. So, 18 years ago, Mina discovered what being bound & filmed really means, naked on my bed, in front of two men capturing every detail with their lenses and Diva watching us behind the spotlights. It brings something special to the video and I understand her attitude : she didn’t know what to do, even more after a long day of shooting. For the little story, I shot one bedroom bondage video with Diva two weeks before and it probably pushed me to do it with Mina. Each session is different because every model changes the way you capture her beauty. Of course, some factors modify a similar situation : there is a real difference between the bedroom bondage videos with Diva and Mina, mainly because of the nudity. Anyway, back to the sequences now … on the second part, you will notice that I tied one leg of Mina which slightly changed her ability to move on my bed. After this, the crotch rope has been added and this bondage position became less comfortable … even more when another length of jute rope made it tighter ! At this point, Mina was trapped and teased by this rope between her lips … did I mention it was scratchy ? She quickly understood that crotch rope wasn’t friendly ! Then, because we had to capture the tickling action, my friend Alain started to shoot live while we were filming this sequence #05 … after a while being tickled without any escape, Mina got the surprise to be partially untied. I decided to lay down her slim body on the satin sheets and explore another way to expose her intimacy. Binding her right leg to the bed made this another position more static and restrictive than previously : it also helped to reveal this evil crotch rope which was teasing Mina. Watching the second half of the video will show the evolution of my ropework and some tickling too. In a perfect world, Mina could stay bound like this but, late in the evening, it was time to end our long shooting day. I untied my model without filming because we were running out of time and I had to drive back the girls to Paris … as often at this period, every session was like a marathon. It was another life for me, I miss this past ! Sorry for this never-ending commentary, finally, I had more things to write than expected. As usual, you can get those video files into a zip archive and watch it on your device when the download will be completed. I hope you will like it … have a nice week-end !

do you love this rope ?

Mina didn’t visit my bedroom before …
no more latex clothes, only some ropes !

She loves to be bound but this rope is itchy,
even more when you are naked and tickled …
what about the evil length between her lips ?


shot on 2005, September 17
published on Captive Culture


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  1. Hi Jérôme,
    Yes I am “fan” . Mina, your amazing work photo, videos.
    Thank so munch.

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