photo series 216-03

photo series 216-03

85 images starring Mina
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Two weeks ago, I posted the photo series with Diva and Mina dressed in latex … here is the third and last set we did to end a long afternoon of shooting. Mina didn’t test my bedroom yet but you know that I love to associate strict bondage and full nudity sometimes. It’s a powerful mix for the bound woman. As explained in my previous commentary, the hairstyle coloring of Mina was different and it allowed me to use some red satin sheets for this session. It was the first time that I pictured Mina with black hair and I already mentioned that style was looking good. I mainly tried to capture a playful video teasing Mina with some jute rope which was a litte bit itchy … of course, I tried to see if Mina was ticklish or not. I don’t remember how we organized the filming … I guess that we continue to took our pictures during the action which probably explains why some details are not perfect. As often, I wasn’t totally satisfied about these images (my lighting could have been better like the make-up of Mina) but I like the evolution of my ropework through the session. I also appreciate the face expression of Mina on several pictures : she looks in distress because of the crotch rope on some shots but she also smiles a lot being tickled. Of course, we were all a little bit tired after six hours of shooting … my ropework wasn’t so neat than it should be but the essential was outhere. We explored several positions around the same idea : bedroom bondage and tickling action. Quickly, Mina has been nicely teased by the crotch rope. Watching the picture above, you can see a nice expression on her face : she’s probably thinking this rope is evil and she was right ! Each time I was adding another length of rope somewhere, the crotch rope was becoming a little bit tighter … after all these years, I am pretty sure that some of you still have in mind this rear view of her bum showing the rope between her lips ! As usual, I hope you will like these pictures : click on the download icon, unzip the archive on your device and enjoy your watch. I will try to add this movie on the blog soon … it has been the first episode of several others videos focused on bedroom bondage.


shot on 2005, September 17
published on Captive Culture


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8 Replies to “photo series 216-03”

  1. Amazing!
    Mina with an other hair color look like a totally different woman.
    It is remarkable, how huge this impacts the style.

    Thanks for sharing

    1. that’s true, she’s looking different even more with this make-up which was too dark for her pale skin. It was nice to do some photo series with this hair style but I prefer her red hair color that she quickly got it back.

  2. Mina is such a beautiful model and that ropework looks great and inescapable on her curves. She smiles despite the probably tight crotch rope. It is a great photoset. Thank you!

    1. it was a tight crotch rope indeed but, beyond the discomfort, Mina enjoyed the challenge of my ropework and that’s always very pleasant for a rigger like me. I also like her black hair which was giving us the opportunity to watch a different style for she !

  3. WOW, Mina really is a lovely SUBMISSIVE beauty! Totally nude, she’s HAPPY to get strictly tied and played with. I’d LOVE having such a wonderful bondage pet. Many kisses all over her naked body!

    1. thank you Alexander … oh yes, Mina is a lovely lady who enjoyed to be kinky for the pleasure of our eyes. I have been so lucky to capture one beauty like she and some others french girls who strongly printed my mind.

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