photo series 344-01

photo series 344-01

65 images starring Suzy
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Bedroom bondage with Suzy ? Yes, but she also discovered the feeling of corporal punishment … her bum deserved some bruises ! You have to know we had to do this session at 7PM after a big failure … let me explain. Do you remember the house where I tied Mina in the stairs one year before ? We wanted to shoot in this location which is two hours away from Paris by car. The day before, we prepared everything with Suzy who came for the week-end : lot of bags for lighting, photo and clothes. We packed the car on the sunday morning and we arrived right on time at my friend’s house … one hour later, when we decided to start shooting, we realized something was missing. Indeed, I never got this problem in 10 years and I did it … we had everything with us, everything except clothes and ropes. One fucking suitcase was missing and we were unable to do averything : no need to speak about the frustration of this problem. We spent another hour with my friends before to leave their house and come back at home. So, we spent almost five hours in the car for nothing and we had to unpack and install the stuff at home for shooting some pictures. For the little story, Suzy was leaving Paris the day after, so we had no other solution. That’s how we decided to shoot in the bedroom : I dressed Suzy with black lingerie before to make her discover the restraint of tight elbows tied in the back. I know this position has been painful for Suzy … ten minutes later, I untied her arms and she discovered another bondage position with wrists bound to ankles. We spoke about spanking several times and I knew Suzy was curious about it. It’s never easy to find the right way but, this time again, I found the good words and idea to give her the desire to try. I didn’t want to spank her with my hands because the pain would have been too hard for a first time. I used a wood stick and the result was really nice : I am sure you will love to see the marks on her bum … perfect pink and painful texture for this pale skin. After her first corporal punishment, I untied Suzy and asked her to wait for me before to check the marks with hands … I wanted to shoot her face while she was checking the marks on her buttocks and you will have the pleasure to watch those pictures of a unique moment in her life. After the tight elbows and the caning, I tied Suzy in a classic way to immobilize her on the bed. 9:30 PM : Suzy was bound on the bed and the day has been long … I let her fight with ropes for a while before to release her body while her mind is focused on the marks burning her lovely bum. I think you should like watching this photo series. My week has been a little bit crazy again and I was running out of time. As soon as the hospital issues will be finished, I should be able to prepare more videos to blog. For now, I just follow the fastest way to release something cool and almost ready for posting.


shot on 2010, January 24
published on Captive Culture


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