photo series 270-03

photo series 270-03

95 images starring Anaïs + Thalie
available to download


Secretary’s work is dangerous in the Captive Culture universe … one mistake and your boss decides to punish you with hemp ropes ! Let’s share this photo set captured in 2007. I don’t have a lot of memories about that day … third series made in the afternoon, first shooting with a french model met few weeks before, I decided to end the day to shoot a damsel in distress situation. I wasn’t in a good day, maybe because the rythm of production at this period was intense and I was running out of energy but the truth is that I had no inspiration : I prefered to give my camera to my assistant during the previous sets. I went back behind the lens for the duo between Anaïs as the submissive secretary and Thalie as the dominant boss. I am not comfortable with that shooting because I know Thalie was disappointed about it … probably my mistake, as explained above, I was in a bad day and gave her no chance to convince me. She’s a nice and cool girl but I prefer small models : I already encountered some problems to shoot tall or buxom women in the past and I think it was the same for Thalie. Like I did with LouLady when she came at home for the first time, I experienced a real problem to choose the right theme and the good character for my photography. We started the day with a set for my website Lady Femdom but it wasn’t a good idea to leave Thalie playing the mistress alone in front of the camera. She was a bit lost and didn’t know what to do. It would have been better to add Anaïs who was skilled enough to show the way to the newcomer : some people think shooting fetish or bdsm roleplay is easy. The reality is different, that kind of shooting involves a lot of expressiveness and small details like playing with clothes or excessive gesture. It’s easier when you can interact with another model like Thalie was able to do on that DiD photo series with Anaïs playing the secreaty bound and gagged by her boss. For the little story, you will notice the beginning of my period focused on the different ways to tie my model’s fingers … it became one of my favorite games later. That day, I used some hemp ropes provided by Heiko who also made the ball-gag and some others accessories for me. I like these soft ropes even if one thinner diameter would have been better. I did something interesting with my ties except for the crotch … this length and the way I wrapped the rope around it wasn’t looking nice. I should have avoid to partially hide this nice basque worn by Anaïs : the elegance of french lingerie doesn’t match with this part of my ropework. Beyond my commentary, the pictures are looking good and you should appreciate to discover Thalie. It’s time to wish you a nice week-end watching this photo series introducing another french girl on the blog … as usual, click on the download icon, unzip that archive file on your device and enjoy these pictures.

shot on 2007, February 03
published on Captive Culture


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