photo series 262-03

photo series 262-03

115 images starring Amélie
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Secretary, pin-up, teacher or mistress, every role looks great with Amélie. That day, our sexy assistant has been strictly tied in the office ! Because, Anaïs was on holidays, Angelina went at home to assist me and manage Amélie’s make-up for the afternoon. As we do regularly, this bondage photo series finished the day and I wasn’t sure about the result. Indeed, we used the cheap desk I bought for the summer job of Anaïs who worked with me on August 2006 to recapture and recompress my old movies for a better quality. I wanted to do a glamour bondage session with a desk since a long time but it would have been better with a nice one. I was doubtful about that desk in my studio, looks a bit empty to me but, of course, I am focused on the furniture when all men watch the bound woman only. As often when we were shooting a bondage photo series, Alain took the camera when I was busy with my ropes. I started with an easy tie before to make it more complicated at each step and, for one time, I didn’t do something exotic, simply a classic but efficient rope work. Too efficient maybe because Amélie totally immobilized when I finished the hogtie position : sure, I linked the neck rope to her feet and made it tight. I also gagged her using one ball-gag made by my friend Heiko and it didn’t help to make the position more comfortable … but you will notice that Amélie gave us a lot of smiles anyway. At the beginning, drooling looks funny but she lost her smile on the last pictures. Indeed, her beautiful long hair would have to be washed after our seesion and some bound girls doesn’t like this effect of the ball-gag. I don’t have more to write about this photo series, we got a nice time and lot of fun finishing our shooting day. For the little story, just before this set, Amélie has been shot for Lady Femdom and you can find the photo series checking the links available after this blog post. As usual, feel free to report any broken link or leave a comment, I am always happy to get your feedback. I wish you a good time watching those pictures … enjoy your free download, unzip the archive and have a nice week-end !

shot on 2006, October 07
published on Captive Culture


photo series 262-02


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4 Replies to “photo series 262-03”

  1. This is one of my favorite Amélie sessions. She displayed such wonderful expressions from apprehension, struggling against the ropes, and giving sultry glances while bound. The way Amélie looks at the camera wearing the ball gag in that one shot, DSC_7441, is magnificent.

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  2. ::Secretary’s work is dangerous in the Captive Culture universe … one mistake and your boss decides to punish you with hemp ropes!::

    From what I’ve seen, being a secretary has gotten a LOT more dangerous than when I was one! I worked as a secretary for over a decade, and nobody tied me up once….


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