152-01 behind the scenes

152-01 behind the scenes

more about the session …
It’s dressing time in the bathroom


Let’s share more with “Behind the Scenes” pictures about this session with Dana. Back in 2004 for a long shooting day focused on latex fetish : I planned to capture pics & vids exploring several rooms of my house. We even started outside with Dana coming back from the office : she was wearing this blue latex lingerie under some casual clothes. I think we all love this kind of fetish fantasy! Usually, I don’t share my backstage without reposting the photo series … as explained on twitter, these old pics are not always good for several reasons. First, I was still searching the best way to produce quality content for my websites. Second, my bridge camera was less efficient than the DSLR that helped me to do some better pics later. Last but not least, I have a lot of photo sets which have never been remastered in my archives and I thought you wouldn’t like it. After all these memories shared on the blog, I begin to understand that some people are interested about my early years. Because I am unable to edit again those oldies, I am going to release it even if the image quality is lower than usual and there is a watermark around every shot for the Latex Culture archives. For now, you will be able to watch these backstage images before to get the whole photo series which should be reposted soon on the blog. So, if you have already seen the related video, this session with Dana should be in a corner of your mind … it’s not my best production but this shooting day has been really cool ! I wanted to show you this good old time when every session was an adventure : we got a lot of fun during that day and you should feel it watching these “behind the scenes” pics & vids.

Some pictures before shooting

… let’s tickle this beauty !

Thanks to Alain for the capture

We were used to laugh like kids

Later, Dana drunk a lost gnat !

Dana talking about her glass …

… and it made us smile a lot !

We were unable to stop talking

… and one joke was enough …

Dana always ready for the fun !

It wasn’t easy to stop laughing

Later, another break and talk

… and Dana started the show

First, she did one funny face

Second, we watched the monkey

We even got predator & the cat

You should watch the video !

Priceless reaction to my joke

… don’t laugh Alain, don’t !

Dana wasn’t shy and I like it

Later, we went in the bedroom

It was time to be bound in latex

Thanks to Dana for her energy


shot on 2004, September 09
published on Latex Culture

latex day

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