photo series 282-03

photo series 282-03

80 images starring Mina
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Mina is one of these girls who love the challenge. She also has some suggestions or requests sometimes. That day, Mina wanted to do another inverted suspension. Before her trip to Paris, Mina emailed one picture explaining me that she would like to be suspended in the same position. Mina had the desire to wear a latex catsuit. I thought about the best way to tie Mina improving the ropework seen on this sample image. As often for a suspension, I gave my camera to my assistant who took some live shots that I had to crop or rotate. I tried to fix the framing of these pics that I was unable to do myself. You could notice some jpeg compression in the background, due to a mistake on my camera settings. Fortunately, we got no problem with Mina : this suspension is very nice and it was really interesting to build that ropework for my model. I like the result which was looking good … inverted suspension is definately impressive and let the girl so helpless. You will notice two different positions in this set … there is not a lot of height in my photo studio, that’s why I don’t use any ring or pulley to suspend my models. At this period, I was used to put the girl on a furniture that I removed to make her flying in the air quickly. We started the first part on a red leather ottoman and it worked nice for a while. Mina was suspended by her feet before another tie has been added to her thighs. Everytime you play with the ropes, there is something which makes your work less easy : that day, I didn’t expect that the latex catsuit would be so slippery. After 7 minutes in the air, Mina’s wrists moved under the ankles tie. I decided to modify my ropework to fix this problem. We brought one black and higher furniture to give a break to Mina. I added another tie from the wrists to the feet to avoid any move. Mina wanted to be suspended for a longer time but she needed to stop after 4 minutes. Being suspended like this was a real challenge for Mina who still had in mind the inverted position done one year before during our session #258. Thanks again Miss for your request … it has been another nice week-end together ! We shot this photo series on sunday before another bondage set which should be shared soon. If you want to know more about the pictures that we did on saturday, I invite you to check the related links below this blog entry. That’s all for today. I hope you will like these pictures … as usual, click on the download icon, unzip the archive on your device and have a nice viewing.

shot on 2007, June 10
published on Captive Culture


photo series 282-01


photo series 282-02


photo series 258-01

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