photo series 346-01

photo series 346-01

45 images starring Angelina
available to download


Here is another photo series from Latex Culture … maybe you don’t know this one but I am sure you remember my straitjacket catsuit made of purple latex ! That day, Angelina went at home for a cool shooting session : I don’t have a lot of memories about this afternoon but we shot two sets using some amazing fetish outfits made in UK. If I am right, my white leather sofa has been recently delivered to me and Angelina is probably the first girl who tested it. In theory, this set-up should have been perfect to realize one memorable session but, honestly, I have the feeling this set could have been much better. At this period, I didn’t have any model’s assistant anymore and it took me a while to dress Angelina. I checked the EXIF informations on the first pictures and we started shooting at 4PM which is later than usual : we probably talked too much during her make-up or maybe Angelina got a long drive from Normandy to Paris. I don’t know but the sure thing is we didn’t take enough time to capture those fetish images … one hour wasn’t enough and it deserved a little bit more. We talked about the session before and my model brought her own wig for shooting. Because of the white walls and sofa, I was unsure about the blonde color of Angelina. In fact, it has been my mistake : there is a nice contrast between this purple catsuit and the brown hair, but her wig wasn’t looking natural enough for me. That’s probably the reason why I don’t like this photo series as it should be. Preparing this update, I browsed every image and there are several nice pics : Angelina proposed a lot of poses which allowed me to catch some good shots. My mind was struggling due to the discovery of this new playground to be tamed … this sofa is great but I was focused on my framing and the right way to magnify these lines. As you know, I also have an obsession about weird details that nobody will see except me. Like this wig that I finally decided to remove for the last pictures … and you know what ? I prefer those images of Angelina revealing her blonde hair after one hour under the spotlights. That’s life ! Sometimes, you do the wrong choice. For the second set, we also shot on the sofa but without any wig … Angelina left this straitjacket catsuit for the nurse uniform but that’s another story full of latex ! I hope you will like these pictures … as usual, simply click on the download icon, unzip the archive on your device and have a nice viewing. See you next time !


shot on 2010, February 27
published on Latex Culture


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6 Replies to “photo series 346-01”

  1. I can understand you. I do prefer the pictures with the natural hair most.
    But I am quite astonished how big the impact of that wig is.
    At first glance I thougt “why are there 2 different women in one set?”. It took a while to realize, that only the hair changed.. 🙂

    1. thank you for this feedback … you are not alone, someone else on twitter got a similar reaction asking if it was also Angelina in the end. As usual, my mind is too focused on details but you’re right, this change of hairstyle added something to the photo series.

  2. Awesome, awesome!!! That photoset is awesome. Angelina looks gorgeous and stunning in that purple catsuit. Purple is such a beautiful colour on latex! The combination of catsuit and an inescable straitjacket is so amazing and it seems to work on her.
    Thank you and Angelina for that work!

    1. oh yes, this latex straitjacket catsuit is amazing and was looking great on Angelina’s body. Too bad for the wig which was looking like a bad copy of my photo set with Noémie wearing the same outfit. But, by accident, the last pics with the real hairstyle of Angelina were very nice and it appears almost like a reveal or twist for the end.

  3. I think you are right, blonde works great.

    But what I really enjoy is your ability to have the sheer pleasure of the experience shine through the camera. Your models look happy, look safe, and look like they are enjoying themselves. It is a talent not found in every photographer. I am just an amateur, but you give me inspiration for my own feeble attempts at the craft.

    I also really enjoy that each photo session has its own story. It is clear that while it was work for you, it was first and foremost a passion.

    I do hope you are well and recovering.

    1. thank you for this feedback Lars … I have been busy with the blog censorship lately : sorry for my late reply ! As I often said, this adventure started because of my passion for the BDSM & FETISH universe and it has been very important for me to share this philosophy. Many of these women who accepted to be in front of my lens appreciated this state of mind which brought something more humman to every photo session. As an amateur photographer, you know this feeling and it’s a nice way to connect with your models.

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