173-01 behind the scenes

173-01 behind the scenes

more about the session …
We had to wait to catch the first laugh


It’s time to share more “behind the scenes” about this session with Dana and Diva … no need to talk about it, you have already watched the photo series and video files. Today, you will get 42 pics and 4 video files downloading the zip archive … sorry for those SD videos but I had no better version available. In the first one, Alain is taking some pictures about Dana tickling Diva while I prepare my camcorder to capture the following minutes. At some point, I notice the reaction of Diva on my screen and mention that Dana found a spot around the ear. Because we talked about it sooner during the session, I leave the room for a while and bring back one duster that I give to Dana. You will like the look and face of Diva when this evil toy is coming ! Video #2 and #3 are mainly some tickling action with our talks : Diva would like to tickle Dana as a revenge but the 27 years old lady doesn’t care about the baby doll. Later, she even explains to Diva that she should be angry against me. I like to hear Dana saying she was an innocent woman paid to torture my models. That’s was so funny that we laughed about it because I knew that Dana enjoyed to be dominant and play with some girls, even more the ones she didn’t like in real life (reference to another session with Bianca) but that’s another story. In the last video, I show a better way to use the duster before to release Diva from the ropes. Of course, we are talking in french but I think you will catch the essential … mainly how fun and cute those girls were during the session. It has been a long and good shooting which was also special for another girl who was there to look and help a little. I accepted to welcome her for a week to show the work of photographer. I think she was feeling a bit lost discovering my universe focused on latex fetish and power exchange. Even more because she was the sister of Serena who was modeling sometimes for me at this period. Anyway, that’s all for today : as usual, I hope you will like to watch those memories captured 18 years ago !

Alain + Jennifer, one probationer …

… and me fixing the corset of Dana

What’s this tongue coming out Diva ?

Dana often had some funny expressions !

We were probably taking a small break

Thanks to Alain who continued to shoot

Diva & Dana were getting some advices

Dana showing us some marks of the corset

Diva was already tired & ready to sleep !

Yes Miss, Dana is going to tease you now …

Let’s do more behind the scenes images

I love those funny and sensual memories

No kidding Miss … are you ticklish ?

Yes, she is and Dana loves this game !

There is no escape … be brave baby !

You can look at me but we don’t stop now

Enjoy the duster that I gave to Dana …

… it will quickly make you crazy !

One duster and Dana becomes a musketeer

Sorry Dana but you have to give it back

End of session : it’s time to untie Diva


shot on 2004, December 29
published on Captive Culture

photo series 173-01


173-01 bonus files

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