photo series 234-01

photo series 234-01

40 images starring Anaïs
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Let’s share another photo series after WordPress decided to close my blog on 2024, March 23 … I will write a post dedicated to this act of censorship but, first, the hurry was to bring back my archives online. I found one web hosting service and manually fixed a lot of problems due to an incomplete back-up : the blog should be working now but some mistake or problem is always possible. I’m running out of time after several days of work “under the hood” but it’s time to relax and repost some pictures captured on 2006, January 21. Anais came for a special session : we were together, without any assistant & got all the time to play. If I remember well she wanted to wear this nurse uniform for a spanking video Anyway, we started with some pics before to color her bum in red … the nylon stockings attached to her latex mini-dress were really cool even if the color wasn’t perfectly matching. I didn’t forget the nice atmosphere of this photo and video session : Anais was in a playful state of mind and we enjoyed to try something new for my muse. That’s a long time I had a magic wand vibrator waiting for a girl like her … Rachel Paine brought it in her suitcase when she went to Paris one year before and I wanted to use it for my productions since a while. That day, all the conditions were green to use it with Anais. She wasn’t expecting a such experience : I still remember her reaction after she got surprised by the powerful effect of this magic wand ! Of course, after more than hour under the spotlights, wearing a latex outfit and got spanked, Anais was pretty excited by the situation. Using the vibrator while she was bound has been like scratching a match in a fireplace … after she got her first orgasm, we continued to play with the vibrator. That’s how we added another dimension to the Captive Culture session, just because Anais were curious to explore a fantasy which is one of the most interesting game you can play into bondage. Of course, it’s a little bit special to live it in front of the lens : expose yourself like this isn’t easy … the feelings are strong and following some opposite ways. When we spoke about it before to bind her on the floor, she didn’t know the game would be so effective and addictive. As a nice woman but strong mind, she was attracted by the situation : you can’t expect something stronger than losing the control of your own body. All this was new for Anais and she had a lot of emotions to analyze after this afternoon at home. You already know she accepted to play again : one week later, she lived another kinky session but that’s another story which is already available on the blog. I hope you will like these pictures and, as usual, you can click on the download icon, uncompress that zip file on your device and enjoy your viewing. My archives are also viewable clicking on the magnifying glass icon : you will be able to browse this session online … that’s all for today : I wish you a nice week-end & see you next time !


shot on 2006, January 21
published on Captive Culture


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2 Replies to “photo series 234-01”

  1. Great to see the blog back without too much down time! And what a set to come back to! Anais has such a delightfully impish grin while she’s tied up, I love the ropework section of this set.

    1. thank you … I did my best to minimize the downtime and focused my energy to repair and enhance the things that I was unable to do on wordpress(.)com due to their paywall (even if I was paying to avoid their ads) … now all this is fixed, I am going to build a strategy to remain online using one of my domain names to create a back-up on another hosting service than my actual server. Happy you enjoyed this update … it has been an important step for Anaïs and myself : so mamny memories !

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