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  1. Hello, Jerome. I see you’re back online.

    I’ve following your takedown situation. As I understand it, WordPress took down your blog and, one day later, sent you a takedown notice, citing their Terms of Service and Content Guidelines.

    I read both. Their Terms of Service (ToS) allows them to remove content without prior notice or even an explanation—unlike Google Blogger’s ToS. And their Content Guidelines allows them to take down any adult content they deem extreme.

    But now, you’re back online. So, who is your content host now?

    1. the hosting question is not definately solved … I am testing one service which allowed me to be back online after only few days. I need to check if everything is working nice before to decide.

      about wordpress, I don’t care about the ToS because if you google “wordpress”+”adult content”, they still pretend to be friendly with it.

      My case isn’t an exception and it seems there is a ban wave on wordpress since a while : my blog has been online for 7 years on their official host and several people from the customers support checked my pages to solve some bugs. I ever tought one ban could happen (that’s why my archives are hosted on Mega) but not after so many years and without being warned.

      I have been treated like a public enemy by wordpress without any reason : I think my mistake has been to use their video system to propose some short samples on my blog, anyway, they didn’t justify their censorship with any screenshot and that’s not fair. I have been one customer billed every year for several options and that’s incredible to discover how their system has been made to make you loose any control on your data & domain use.

      I will write a blog post about my wordpress experience which will explain how wordpress.com isn’t a good option for anyone.

      1. That’s the nature of the American use of the law. Content laws are set in place to protect the content provider, not the consumer. The host won’t enforce them with zeal unless there is a complaint. That’s why you see ban waves. When they do enforce, they get overzealous.

        Imagine they enact a law that says, “Don’t use the butter knife with the left hand or for any purpose other than spreading butter on the bread.” Now, the lawmakers know that nobody will respect this law and no harm comes from not respecting it. They ignore offenses… until one day, they don’t.

        The result is… you! You’ve been paying them for seven years, right? They knew what you’ve been hosting all along. You feel it’s unfair because it’s unfair. It’s a double standard.

        The lesson that I learned the hard way is: “Always have an offline copy and an exit strategy.”

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