273-02 bonus files

273-02 bonus files

22 minutes starring Anaïs
available to download


Let’s share another zip archive with the videos captured while we were shooting the photo series 273-02 focused on sensual erotica and glamour bondage. We didn’t record a long footage but you will probably like to watch these files related to the pictures already posted on my blog. I did this session alone with Anaïs and we decided to capture the situation mixing pics & vids : you will hear the sound of my Nikon camera from time to time. Previously, Anaïs has been bound & gagged to start this afternoon, that’s why we got the desire to play nice in a comfy atmosphere. I got a parcel with several new toys including one new vibrator and I tought about Anaïs to test it … I think that’s the first time that Anaïs played with a sex toy herself in front of the camera. I decided to let her explore and review this small vibrator for 10 minutes, enough time to record 4 video files. Anaïs got the idea to insert this tiny vibrant toy inside her panties : it was a good way to continue our game before the next step ! So, I quickly tied Anaïs using some nylon ropes and turned on my camcorder again. After a while, she got a small break while her legs were bound. Once Anaïs has been immobilized, we have been able to continue … Anaïs experienced the tiny vibrant toy inside her panties for 7 minutes before to change for another vibrator. She had to test this new one, similar to the magic wand but without any cable, the battery included was an interesting idea. In the last two video files, you will be able to discover how Anaïs reacted to this new toy : even it was less powerful than our favorite, she quickly enjoyed the feeling and has been able to relase her pleasure to conclude our session. After 22 minutes of stimulation, Anaïs deserved one reward and I got mine listening her moaning like this, for all of us. As usual, I hope you will like to watch it ! If you want to know more about this session, I invite you to read my commentary on the photo series page checking the link available after this blog entry … click on the download icon, uncompress that zip file on your device to view these 8 short videos !


shot on 2007, March 03
published on Captive Culture


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