interview with anaïs

interview with anaïs video

80 minutes starring Anaïs
available to download


Let’s share another interview today … that’s the first one published into the members area of Captive Culture. As always, Anaïs opened the way and accepted to do this kind of video mixing bondage games with questions & answers. First, I would like to say that I am unsure about the shooting date because we didn’t take any picture related to this session. I don’t have a lot of memories about that day, not the interview which was memorable. At this period, we were shooting every saturday with Anaïs then that’s difficult to remember. I know my friend Alain was there to help and our shooting configuration make me think that footage has been captured on 2007, March 10. That day, we shot one photo series for Lady Femdom and nothing else. I also remember we did a small joke to Alain and you will notice on the video that we were talking and laughing a lot, maybe too much  That’s not important but I prefer to mention it. For the little story, and that’s something I understood watching the beginning on this video, we had to do that interview twice because we encountered a technical problem with the video shot several weeks before. It was one major issue related to the image quality which forced us to do the interview again … I don’t even remember how was our first take. Anyway, you will be able to discover how Anaïs lived this experience watching the video … before you ask, no, there is no more interview incoming. I stopped this concept after the second one with Amélie. I loved the idea but this project died when Anaïs decided to stop modeling. Initially, I wanted to propose some interviews with Anaïs talking and playing with my models … it would have been far better like this ! I know my english was too bad for this exercise and that’s why my friend AnnLiz replaced me to question Amélie on the second interview shot one year later. Because the result wasn’t good enough for me, mainly because I was unable to propose one translation using captions on the final footage, I trashed this idea which was also too close from the US productions available on bigger websites. It simply didn’t work except, maybe, for the people able to understand the french language. 15 years later, the interview is more a testimonial of this period full of smiles and a nice way to know more about Anaïs. She lived the experience without any filter, testing the plastic bag for the first time and we captured it on video. I hope you will appreciate to watch her interview and our philosophy : as usual, click on the icon to download your file, unzip the archive and enjoy those playful moments.

breath control discovery

2 years before, Anaïs discovered Captive Culture,
today, it’s time to know more about her tastes and feelings.

One simple interview ? Too easy. We need some action !
Let’s see how Anaïs manages the situation being bound,
exposed & waxed. What about plastic bag and vibrator ?


shot on 2007, March 10
published on Captive Culture


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