photo series 260-03

photo series 260-03

100 images starring Anaïs
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Back in 2006 : I went to South France for shooting with Anaïs. Because of all the work required by post-production and websites update, I wasn’t used to move or travel. But, this time, I took less than a week to join Anaïs who was on holidays. She got that idea while we worked together for her summer job. Then, I packed several suitcases of clothes and cameras into my car … unfortunately, that small week has been very complicated for different reasons. I will not list all the issues but we had to fight for being able to shoot. Anaïs had to share her time between me and her family then we have been unable to shoot more than one photo series per day. I was expecting to be more productive (probably too much – silly me) and we also had to deal with the weather conditions which were more than average. So, today, I am going to share the third photo series shot in the pinewood. To my opinion, that’s technically the best images we did. As explained recently in the interview for WearLatex, outdoor session are always complicated. You have no control on the light conditions and I am not skilled enough to manage it properly. I would need more experience before to learn how to get a better result outside my photo studio. Anyway, in the pinewood, we were out of the light coming from the cloudy sky and we have been able to shoot those pictures with a better contrast than the one we did during our last day on the beach. As you can see on the preview picture, Anaïs was wearing a latex mini-dress made by TG clothing and some high heel shoes. I don’t have a lot of things to mention about this set mixing pin-up photography with latex fetish. As usual, I hope you will like it … enjoy your free archive clicking on the download icon, uncompress the zip file on your device and have a nice watch ! I know some people would prefer being able to browse the pictures directly on my blog but that’s complicated for me. As you know, I don’t have my pro hosting anymore and there are a lot of limitations using WordPress. I also prefer to limit the amount of images available on their network because the censorship is everywhere and some of our bondage or domination sessions could be a problem. That’s why it’s better to show something soft as preview picture and host the photo series outhere. I will think how to let you see the thumbnails outside WordPress within the future … feel free to comment if you have any suggestion about the best way to do it within the future. Thank you !

shot on 2006, September 09
published on Latex Culture


photo series 250-01


photo series 356-01

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