interview with amélie

interview with amelie video

60 minutes starring Amélie
available to download


That’s a while I didn’t post a video on the blog. Sorry for this but last weeks have been complicated. Anyway, I decided to share the interview of Amélie which was bound and teased while she had to answer some questions. I apologize for my international audience but the whole video is in french language only. I know that’s boring and this is the reason I never did this kind of bonus for my websites. We were unable to do it in english or it would have been badly funny. But, one day, I thought we could mix an interview with some bondage action. This is what you are going to download and watch … that’s not important if you don’t understand french language, you will discover another side of Amélie, her body language or expressions. For the little story, I did the first interview with Anaïs playing and talking. It was great but, with Amélie, I wanted to add something new. Mainly because Amélie wasn’t kinky like Anaïs who have been waxed and vibed while she was dealing with a plastic bag on her head. The limits of Amélie were different then I knew the action would be softer. My friend AnnLiz joined us to be the interviewer. That’s why you will hear two girls talking while I am teasing Amélie with ropes, ice cubes, tickling and even breathplay. Amélie discovered this game for the first time during this interview, the perfect moment to capture her reaction ! That’s always interesting to catch something natural and primal like this … no doubt you will love this part of the video. The interview is 10 years old, unperfect but playful. You will see how I was working at this period, talking and joking to create a cool atmosphere with my models.

breath control discovery

2 years before, Amélie discovered Captive Culture,
today, it’s time to know more about her tastes and feelings.

One simple interview ? Too easy. We need some action !
Let’s see how Amélie manages the situation being bound,
exposed & tickled. What about some plastic bag ?

shot on 2008, April 19
published on Captive Culture

interview with anaïs

7 Replies to “interview with amélie”

  1. Wow. Thanks for sharing this one. The candid ones with more relaxed and casual atmosphere always have a very interesting feel to them. Shootings with a story or theme are super cool but there is just something about this informal thing. I’d LOVE if there was more material like this.
    It’s also additionally a very nice way to practice french. 😀

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    1. Thanks for your feedback … I always tried to show the positive side on my productions and that’s true this kind of interview brings something refreshing. That’s always interesting when you can discover the woman behind the model living this special experience.


    1. As explained in a previous post, I only use some free tools to run this blog and, in this case, you get a limited storage on Mega or MediaFire. After four years posting on Mega, I decided to create one account on MediaFire to get more space for future uploads. That’s why I splitted the use or those services for pics & vids.


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