human furniture

human furniture 01 video

35 minutes starring Amélie + Anaïs
available to download


Let’s share the video files related to photo series 285-01 which is already available on this blog. That day, Amélie got the pleasure to dominate Anaïs and explore the human furniture fantasy … I decided to dress the Mistress with a blouse and trousers made of black latex while her submissive was wearing one spanking dress. We added one black g-string to match with the two tones of this outfit and, also, to make Anaïs more comfortable with some position and angles. I knew that she wouldn’t appreciate to expose her intimacy like this. Explicite nudity is better for this kind of games but I always tried to find the right balance between one situation, my photography and the limits of my models. We didn’t talk about it before but I thought this latex lingerie was the right option. Maybe things would have been different being together with Anaïs & Amélie but there was another man into the room, one guest who came to give an extra hand and take some pictures. Because I wasn’t sure about how he would picture the crotch of Anaïs, it was more relax like this. Anyway, the whole video is mainly focused on the power exchange between that dominant woman and this submissive girl … if you want to know more about this session, you can check the related link available after this blog entry. I gave more details in my initial commentary and there is nothing special to add. As usual, you can get those video files into a zip archive and watch it on your device when the download will be completed. I hope you will like it … have a nice day !

heels cleaner & footrest

Amélie is the Mistress today and she wants to be honored.
Slave, get down on your knees and worship your goddess !

First, I hope you like your collar and leash : that’s what you need.
Now, it’s time to clean my shoes, kiss my heels and lick my toes …
Of course, you will get more surprises like being my sexy footrest !


shot on 2007, September 09
published on Captive Culture


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