photo series 285-01

photo series 285-01

70 images starring Anaïs + Amélie
available to download


That day, Amélie got the feeling … she was the Mistress ready to be honored. Slave, get down on your knees and worship your goddess ! I don’t have a lot of things to write about this photo series. We did the session after a long video shooting for Latex Culture and I wanted to finish with something cool and easy. Using my yellow light, I created a warm atmosphere and let the girls play together. One of my guest took the camera while I was recording the action on video. It explains why we got less good pictures than usual. Hopefully, I managed some shots by myself when we were between two scenes for the movie. Anaïs wasn’t enthusiastic about the foot fetish idea : kiss and lick feet is difficult for strong minds and people. She did it anyway even if we didn’t take a lot of pics. I gave my instructions for the slave position and I really love the result on the following pictures : DSC_8349 and DSC_8390. The girls explored several interesting ways between the kind dominant and the nice submissive. Amélie was dressed with a mix of black latex clothes. I used this trouser in the past but it wasn’t easy to find the right top to match with. It was a prototype from House of Harlot, one trouser and one corset in the same piece. Adding a classic blouse was a good idea to get an elegant and original fetish outfit. As usual, I hope you will love those pictures.

shot on 2007, September 09
published on Captive Culture


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