photo series 302-01

photo series 302-01

80 images starring Amélie
available to download


Another woman bound in the jungle that she didn’t visit yet on 2008. She went back one year later, check the related link on bottom page if you missed that photo series. You already know that shooting configuration used many times and tested for the first time by Diva on 2005. That day, our friend AnnLiz joined us to give an extra-hand for this afternoon with Amélie. We were used to spend time together in real life then we had some problems to work together. We love to speak a lot and that’s why we did one photo series only. Last but not least, we took some time to try some additional settings to enhance the rendering of my Nikon D300 bought on January to replace my old D200. Nikon has released several curves uploadable to the DSLR to get something similar to the old D2 series. The goal was to change the skin aspect getting a better result (more realistic) than the initial setting … I also wanted to fix the difficulties encountered with dark tones. It was important to me at this period because I loved to work with more shadows and deeper backgrounds. I noticed some positive points editing those pictures but more hours of shooting and tweaks have been needed to obtain the quality I loved to propose to my fans. Back to the session now : as I mentionned above, Amélie has never been shot in my jungle before and that was a good idea to do it : you know I love to photography my models wearing the same bikini when I use that shooting configuration. We started by some pin-up pictures before to begin the bondage time : from the beginning to the end, Amélie got her arms immobilized in the back. Amélie is comfortable with tight bondage but I believe the reverse prayer position was a bit uncomfortable after 45 minutes … of course, I quickly removed the bra to make her bound breast exposed to your kinky eyes ! After a while shooting the tied girl, Amélie has been gagged … for the little story, she complained later that the ball-gag was too big and uncomfortable : I bet you will consider this like a good point. After this, Amélie has been locked inside the metal cage. Amélie was looking cute being bound and gagged without any other choice than waiting : there is no escape from the cage ! For information, we decided to shoot a tickling video after this photo series. Amélie was bound again and AnnLiz has been the evil mistress playing with her helpless friend : that was very fun mainly because we discovered that Amélie is dangerously ticklish, but that’s another story. For now, I wish you a nice-end watching these bondage pictures still available to download for free. Click on the download icon to get your archive, unzip it and enjoy the photo series !


shot on 2008, April 19
published on Captive Culture


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4 Replies to “photo series 302-01”

  1. Excellent set, great to see a girl looking like she’s having fun in her bondage. Such a shame that Amelie found the gag uncomfortable, the best bondage is comfortable enough for the girl to spend some time in while still being beautiful and secure. Sure does look good though. 😀

    1. I must say the preview picture is the favorite of this photo series … browsing it to post more pics on twitter, I got the feeling all this is average, more than my usual productions. My light, the white wall behind this camouflage netting and my framing : that’s not woeking for me. We were not enough into the kink probably because of the friendly atmosphere between Amélie, AnnLiz and me. It happens sometimes, everything goes wrong. That’s the magic of photography, there is one part of magic you are unable to control.

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