photo series 272-01

photo series 272-01

145 images starring Angelina
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Welcome to Angelina’s birthday party : a lot of surprises were waiting for she including some pink ropes. She probably didn’t expect so many clothepins … but you know me, I like nipple play and ball-gag ! We did this session to begin that day. It was my gift to Angelina for her 24th birhtday : a playful shooting area full of colorful balloons and, last but not least, my pink nylon ropes regularly requested by this french girl. She wanted to be bound with it, I didn’t forget her wish and that was the day ! Okay, I must admit that I wasn’t really motivated to work, it was my birthday too and I spent my afternoon joking and talking. My friend Alain took 90% of the pictures you will see in the series. As usual, I had to crop several of them due to strange framings as I had to trash 50% of average or just boring shots. Angelina found a lot of interesting things to do, I really appreciate her modeling skills. She could be perfect if she would be able to stay in her character all the time, I mean, it’s sometimes a bit strange to see the “seductive woman” on a pic and to see the “laughing woman” on the next one. I can deal with it when I am behind the camera because I am used to control my model but that’s more difficult for Alain. Here is the difference between capturing and creating a picture … anyway, thanks to him for his help. I miss that period when we were able to work together with Dana or Anaïs as the model’s assistant. Back to the day before, we worked on the shooting area and prepared all the balloons. I bought a bottle of helium to inflate some of them. I mixed it with air balloons taped to the wall and the result was looking nice … except when these helium balloons were on the floor the next morning ! 12 hours in the air and everything was ruined : Alain was kind enough to buy new balloons on the road to my house, one hour before the shooting. Meanwhile, I tried to arrange the background with another extra-hand, one guest who was there to see how I was working. We have been unable to get new helium balloons because the bottle was empty. That’s the reason why I didn’t shoot what I had in mind : lot of balloons tied to Angelina’s nipples. We tried with two balloons but it was more than aeverage. Anyway, I think you should appreciate the session, Angelina plays the french pin-up very well before to be bound on the pink chair. We decided she would wear a dark wig to get a better contrast on our pictures. You will notice that Anaïs appears on several shots when we started to play with clothepins. As you can see on the preview picture, Angelina got a kinky birthday !


shot on 2007, February 17
published on Captive Culture


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