252-01 bonus files

252-01 bonus files

07 minutes starring Anaïs
available to download


Let’s share another zip archive with the videos captured while we were shooting the photo series 252-01 focused on rope bondage and the asian style. We didn’t record a long footage but you will probably like to watch these files related to the pictures already posted on my blog. We captured this situation while Anaïs was bound and forced to kneel on the floor : I tied her ankles to keep into that lovely position for spanking. My jute ropes were linked to the beam that I was using for suspension and one strong hook in the wall. Anaïs was partially layed down on the table and her bum was nicely exposed. However, I started to play with the riding crop on her bare feet. You will hear the sound of my Nikon camera because we were also taking pictures. Anaïs got a short but efficient spanking. I stopped after her lovely bum reached the expected color … also because I knew that Anaïs wasn’t in the appropriate mood, worried by her student life outside the photo studio. We were not there to shoot a long spanking video and we had more bondage pictures to do. Of course, I couldn’t resist to the temptation after we all noticed that position was so playful ! If you want to know more about this session, I invite you to read my commentary on the photo series page checking the link available after this blog entry.


shot on 2006, May 28
published on Captive Culture


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