photo series 325-01

photo series 325-01

100 images starring Clara
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Year 2009. May 18, 05:12PM : she arrived right on time at home, excpecting another bondage session in the water. Clara comes after another day of her student life and she’s now awaiting some fun. I thought there is nothing better than a good bath time after a day at work : Clara has never been bound in the water before. Now, she takes her clothes off in front of the mirror … like the first time she came at home, I tie her in the bedroom before to bring her back in the bathroom : I can take pictures while she discovers the nylon ropes around her body. A classical position but I made the ropes tight including an extra tie to increase restraint over her bound breast. Tied and naked, she can now enter in the bath tube : she gives a nice smile to the camera at 05:37PM … it sounds like Clara enjoy the feeling of foaming bath when she’s trapped in ropes. She can moves in the warm water before I pinch her nipples with four black clothepins. 4 for each nipple : Clara is moving slowly now but she find the right way to take them off … of course, I put the clamps back before to gag her with one of my ball-gags : she’s not trained enough but I will work on it another time ! I remove the ball-gag after a while and order to expose her sexy bottom … one hour after she arrived at home, Clara discovers I love to spank french girls ! I didn’t need to give her lot of slaps to turn her left buttock into a nice pink tone. So, next time, she will get more ! As always, I hope you will appreciate these images captured while a short and funny session out of my regular and studio production.

shot on 2009, May 18
published on Captive Culture


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2 Replies to “photo series 325-01”

  1. Another lovely looking tie on another wonderful model 🙂 I’m not normally a fan of bath-time sets, but the rope work in this is exquisite and it looks like she had a fun time. Great work!

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