photo series 308-02

photo series 308-02

135 images starring Mina
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Do you remember the video of Mina with a muzzle gag posted several years ago ? She was trapped into a latex straitjacket and explored our taste for breath control. Several people asked me if we did some pictures related toe the kinky game video. Yes, there is a photo series and it’s time to make it available on my blog. As you can see, the hair color of Mina is different, she modeled for wet skin pics & vids before to come at home. She lost her red color under water and I liked this natural tone which was perfect for our shooting day. We were in a good mood starting to play with ropes for an intense suspension. Then, before this set, Mina has been already gagged and vibed being suspended in the air ! It was another playful afternoon that we continued with the latex straitjacket for this photo series focused on breath control. We started using one large plastic bag which is not too restrictive before to go on with a small one. Our previous sessions together helped me to control the situation and minimize the risk … my goal is always to keep my partner under her limits. You have to analyze each reaction and stay in a safe zone : we played to this game several times before and I already knew how to bring Mina into subspace without too much discomfort. That’s why I prefer to remove the plastic bag regularly, partially or totally. You need to adapt your play to your partner and alternate between restriction, privation and liberation. After a while, her lovely mouth has been taken by the red ball of this beautiful muzzle gag made of soft leather. I nicely tightened that harness before to add the plastic bag … we did more pics before to record the following minutes on video. Of course, I invite you to check the related links below to view more pics & vids about that kinky afternoon. After this, we moved upstairs to play in the bathroom : Mina relaxed in the water with candle lights all around. Of course, she has been bound with thight elbows in the back but that’s another story ! As usual, I hope you will enjoy those pictures : you can preview this photo series clicking on the magnifying glass below. If you like it, download the zip archive on your device before to uncompress it and enjoy the show. I wish you a nice week-end watching the loveliness of Mina !


shot on 2008, August 23
published on Latex Culture


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4 Replies to “photo series 308-02”

  1. Not only does removing the bag regularly keep Mina safe during the session but it also adds to some lovely moments of Mina taking in fresh air.

  2. In my opinion this is one of your best shootings.

    Normally I prefer your shibari rope art, but this combination of Minas red hair and the shining latex and specially the panel gag is just gorgeous.
    I really do love this one.

    1. thanks for your feedback … I’m happy you like this photo series. Sometimes, you need almost nothing to capture something nice. We did it between two sets focusing on the essential. Breath control is always so intense that it’s perfect to catch some powerful images. Muzzle Gag was like a cherry on the cake !

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